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The answer is no ROB!

No, nobody uses this site.

This ain't no facebook

One has to search the site, find the words "this time is different". Then copy and paste the link.

Everyday is different. This time is always different.



Not mobile friendly according to google

It looks like it will take some work to get this site mobile ready. Even when switched to a mobile friendly theme, this site still fails. I hope you all are ready for an even more exclusive site!

Hechtmail is safe


Don't use the same password as with other sites. This site uses drupal 6, not 7. So it isn't affected by the security flaw mentioned by Rob.

Now the other sites and do use Drupal 7 and will be updated to Joomla.


New! Blog API is now enabled

Please take a look at apps that have the "Blogger Data API, MetaWeblog API, and most of the Movable Type API" or "Blogger API". If you can get an app on your fancy phone, you might be able to blog on from your phone ANDREW.

Customer service on

One of our most active users wanted blogs, so we put blogs on! See for more!

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