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Super delegates

3,253 pledged and 794 super delegates. Total of 4,047. Look at to see a somewhat fair total count. How powerful are the super delegates? They make up 20% of the total.

It appears about 26% of the delegates are still up for grabs. Based on

Obama 1361 + 7 for WY = 1368
Clinton 1208 + 5 for WY = 1213
Obama 203
Clinton 243

A long way to go to the nomination let alone the presidency.

Amazon's MP3 music site

I just bought "If" by Joni Mitchell off her "Shine" album for 89 cents. I saved it to my computer and then imported the song to iTunes. I think that they will give iTunes a run for the money.

Here is the site:

Striving for perfection.

Listening to Bill Moyer's Journal, Nell Irwin Painter talks about the populist movement of the early 20th century. I decide to write about Godel's incompleteness theorem.

Maybe you don't see the paradox of our government. We can never have a perfect union. Yet, that should not stop us from continuing to try. Like Godel's theorem, we will never have any system that is both complete and consistent. The question is this: Are we a consumer or citizen republic?

My 15 minutes for the day is up.

Something my brother told me

Distance plus tragedy equals humor.

5 stages of grief

Life expectancy

Groundhog day is James Joyce's birthday states 2 February 1882 as the his birthday. I first heard of this on the The Writer's Almanac"

Check out this link

Just in case you want some wise words from Luke.

Call your congress person and veto the "stimulas" proposal

Getting $600 + dollars from our government, money we don't have, is a bad idea. It is like taking a cash advance to pay a credit card bill. Even if we could afford $600 right now, wouldn't it be better spent protecting our troops? Meaning bringing an end to the Iraqi experiment.

We should instead shore up the insurance system in this country. We have bonds out based on bad loans. That will cost more than $600 if our financial system becomes replaced as the world leader.


I have for some time wanted to feature poetry on this site. Yesterday I learned about Drupal menus. Probably not, but one day we might make this site easy to use. It would be nice to integrate some images as well!

Citizenship test would solve our immigration problem!

Maybe we should get the INS should randomly ask people these questions:

If they fail, then we deport them, they pass we give them citizenship.

My prediction

I predict that Clinton will win the nomination on 2/5/2008. Barack is a flash in the pan.

December 30th, is a page for Rudyard Kipling's work. 12/30/1865 is when the author of "IF" was born. Here is where you can find a copy of "IF":

Jefferson County Food Bank needs donations

is a web site where I gave them $50. News reports stated they need to cut back on helping people pay for heat and bus passes to provide food.

I am hooked on Acuras

I think I need to get a new car.

My car has rear break issues. It will cost more then the car is worth to replace just the brakes. It is time to move on.

Star Date 2007 not.

I got Star Trek Season 3 for Christmas. I truly think that Season 3 is the best season. "The Enterprise Incident" mentions Star Dates. I found some links about it.

Interesting that earth time is so based on one place. Relativity brings in a dimension that we do not think about here on Earth. We can barely handle changing the clocks twice a year.

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