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Happy has a long way to go

I shouldn't even post this, but these are the youtube numbers for these "hits":
139,912,254 Happy
1,936,469,981 Gangnam Style
257,720,153 English Gangnam Style (Happy)
3/27/2014 144,115,785
4/1/2014 153,411,550
4/15/2014 182,712,196
4/17/204 187,962,652
4/25/2014 202,320,255

29 odd million views in the last 14 days. One day I will be talented.

Join my pool

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Sam Whited, photographer and more

Is an interesting blog to me. Normal people, probably not!


All times Mountain.

7:55 "Really? I came down to hear the song?" That is U2 playing "Ordinary Love". won best supporting actor.
6:40 Intro was a little risque. We like Anne's dress.
6:36 We want "12 Years a Slave" to win best picture and Matthew McConaughey to win best actor.
6:34 Brenda missed a joke because she was talking. Live updates? Probably not.

To see "Alice: The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life" go here and get ready to pay 4.99 USD:
To see "Helium" click here:
"Cutie and the boxer":
"Do I have to take care of everything?":


State Senate 31: Steadman, Pat
State House 8: McCann, Elizabeth

I need to contact them to make sure they know I'm in favor of vaccines.

One of the most beautiful things

At 102, Reflections On Race And The End of Life wasn't a driveway moment but I was stuck in north bound University Ave traffic.

I dare you to listen and not feel something.

We can see it online using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. It doesn't work with Firefox. :-(


You need to listen to Radiolab before you click on this:

Way to go Terrance Knighton!

Awesome sack!

Use a "modern" browser and be a liberal!

I'm only 32% conservative!

Here are my qualities if you want to know or cheat:

Happy birthday AM Hecht!

Another year older! WTG!

An oldie

This has me back in Middleton, WI! Like a way back machine to 1997!

Wordpress vs. Hechtmail

The free WordPress might be better than Hechtmail, but we don't charge 99 USD/year for things you get for free.

Also you don't have a bunch of javascript from other sites stealing your browser history and probably more.

Whecht is too good for us!

If you use noscript you won't get any ads.

Of course what does family mean anymore? Am I hurt? Yes.

For the lovers of Pi!

Of course I heard about this on NPR.

This is about Pi:

Kind of slow and interesting.

Elvis Presley on the writers almanac

Today is the birthday of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, born in Tupelo, Mississippi (1935).

Packer pride

We own the Packers! OK we partially own the best team in the NFL!

Aspen Airport Crash

Happy New Year!

We had a safe transition from 2013! Hope you all did as well!

Dare not to kill yourself. I won't either.

Written by Jennifer Micheal Hecht "No Hemlock Rock".

Seemed to hit a nerve.

Walt Mossberg is leaving the Wall St. Journal

After 22 years Walt Mossberg is leaving the WSJ.

Evidently he is doing something along the lines of AllthingsD that is evidently going down on 12/31/2013.

Didn't agree with him all the time but liked to hear what he had to say and show.

We are back

Still have one more day off. Cabo San Lucas is quite a bit like New Jersey except for the weather, food and people. We had a great time!

English breakfast

I heard this on The Daily Show. Don't click on the link!!!

Fixing time machine after upgrading to Mavericks

If you find you Backup isn't working you can follow this advice: It is a site that makes looks this look good. Of course, content-wise we are behind but working on it!

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