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Bridge and Tunnel

Holy Ghost! has this song that is quite catchy. Even for an old man like me.

I don't miss NYC, but I like to dream I do.

You will have to click it soon and then you can download the MP3!

Where AM and I stayed in 2000

When AM came to town back in 2000 for a few Bruce Springsteen shows we stayed one night at the Days Inn on Federal Blvd off of highway 6. Now it is condemned. Ah the memories.

For you Rob

Evidently this guy Chris Kluwe used to play for the Vikings. The letter below might be why he is now a free agent.

Rob, do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

A nice page for the geeks

A nice page that relates animated gifs to the computer industry.


Polls are back!

You can now click here and create a poll!

You will also notice it under the "Content" menu on the left.

Who says this blog doesn't care? Besides me of course!


"Hold on!" If I was such a man, I would be a much better man.

New plan: Impeachment

If the House doesn't raise the debt limit, they will have reason to impeach the President. If he pays our bills, he is breaking the law. If he doesn't, he is violating the 14th amendment.

Of course I would prefer it if he paid our bills. Either way, Biden would be set in 2016.

What about this info graphic on taxes?

Sign in to see it

It says the lowest tax rate of 10% will have to go to 25%.

We are spending a lot?

The worst movie ever

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star is the worst movie I have ever seen. It is rated "R". That is for "Rude". It isn't the longest movie so I was able too make it through.

The review section of the Wikipedia article mentioned above is funny than the movie.

The Crucible "More weight!"

I still remember Lisa's wonderful performance at Bergen Community.

I can't remember the roll Lisa had to be honest. But it wasn't Giles Corey!

Flooding in Colorado

"You work all your life to get what you've got. And it all can be swept up in a minute." That is a quote from .

Here in Denver things seem OK. Boulder is a disaster. So is Lyons.

Here is Lyons yesterday:

Happy birthday April Hecht!

April, we wish you the best! Now you can vote!!

Born to Run

I had to reminded on Twitter of all places that in 1975 on August 25th "Born to Run" or B2R changed the world shortly after its release.

Where is AM when you need him? Here is an out take of the title track:

Heard on Marketplace

"Which famous economist are you most similar to?"

Goddess of Beer

"Ninkasi is the ancient Sumerian tutelary goddess of beer."

Happy birthday William Hecht!

I'm so proud of you Bill! Happy 23rd! Although I think you are probably on the road!

Home Improvement

You can not link to this blog from Google at this time. Sorry.

This has nothing to do with it.

Jerry died today back in 1995

Jerry Garcia

"Fare you well, fare you well
I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rock my soul" -- "Brokedown Palace"

Born to Run

"Someday girl, I don't know when,
we're gonna get to that place
Where we really want to go
and we'll walk in the sun
But till then tramps like us
baby we were born to run"

Still waiting for my issue of Rolling Stone

With all the protest against a free press I still get the magazine and am more proud of it now.

Here is the cover on their site:

Christian Science

Back in 1821 Mary Baker was born on this date.

When did Bill and his Grand Dad come out to Colorado? I think 1999 I would have put in an IFRAME, but I couldn't copy it in Firefox.

Is a link to the 16 hours of driving I did during that trip. Yes, we spent a night in Green River, UT!

Colorado wild fires

I just gave $50 to the American Red Cross. Denver as of now is OK. We have a wild fire about 5 miles from where Mom use to live.

Colorado Springs is not going so well. It would be a bummer if we lost the Royal Gorge bridge.

xkcd Expoits of a Mom

Kind of like rm -fR *

I thought it was funny.

Donate for our troops

Hey! Donate to help Operation TBI Freedom! Our soldiers have suffered from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and need our help. Anything will help! Thanks! Here is the link:

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