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If Hechtmail is dead?

can we set up some kind of redirect
so those that use this email address
will still get trough to us?

can anyone get me this article?

Of course I am not trying to circumnavigate their firewall, just get some of the quotes in this article in context

thanks in advance

DOW 30k?

so where is the top?
where is the bottom? and when?

Welcome Back

It is still here


anyone home?

This is scary

Since no Russian spies come here unless we tell them to
look what thy would find if the just went to a public website

W ha enn ex exposed
Than Gdd no one ever goes here

before we go a month with no posts

Work, Work, Work, Watch and Pray!

Support this site
They have even been here twice in 2016
Yes anything you say on the web will be there forever
The have even come here to this failed website
But being able to come back and see what is deleted is important

Understand the negative, but do not amplify the negative.

Understand the negative, but do not amplify the negative. Be aware of negativity but do not let it infect your creative spirit. We each project to others a reflection of the world that includes our choices of perception. Look upon the world with loving eyes and the reflection everyone sees will contain love. When we choose to engage reality as the best each moment can be, we are shaping more positive experiences for others. When we process our pain, and pass on only the lessons to others, our quiet suffering uplifts everyone. Become an extension of the light in the lives of others. By choosing positivity, you become a contender for the human spirit, giving hope to those in need. The incredibly powerful and enriching lifestyle of seeking beauty is a humble service of love and healing. Tremendously meaningful healing for yourself begins with how you choose to see the world. A more wonderful life and a more beautiful world is one thought away.

— Bryant McGill

Hoping For Some News

The family needs another 16er

An Open Letter to the CIA, FBI and the Russian FSB

With a blog post title like this we finally might get some traffic here
I just went to GoDaddy and and are either taken or for sale for very high prices. However was available for just 99¢.
Unless of course the price went up because I didn't snap it up and someone showed interest in the domain. I point this out just in case the web site admin was thinking of changing the name of this website.

So why did I mention the spy agencies?

Believe it or not, not to piss off W or get a flip answer from PE

This site could be sold to them for secure communication as no one ever reads what ever is here


Republican Consultant Mike Murphy @murphymike "I've believed in data for 30 years in politics and data died tonight. I could have not been more wrong about this election."

AM "the use of logic is illogical, as while humans can think logically, they rarely do, perhaps they truly are illogical"

Dr. McCoy: Spock, I've found that evil usually triumphs - unless good is very, very careful.

AM "welcome to a post factual world of Russian Intelligence and American Ignorance"

I didn't think anyone could explain my previous post

I believe the handful of people that might see this agree, but you have LOTS of friends that don't please pass on

W is acting as cocky and full of certitude as Nate Silver was a month ago

Please wake up and pass this article on, and or say it in your own words to the ostriches out there

Take a Look At This Map

crate yours is you think I am wrong
But this can easily happen

Kevin Drum Is Totally Correct On This

Happy Birthday

Just in case you missed it on your Facebook

Wishing you happy BD here as well

Will try to call in a few minutes
Much Love my favorite Nephew

W we love a ya hbd

this family blog is missing something without your posts
hope you have a happy bday

Sorry People are Irrational and therefore it is illogical to think that people will act logically

I believe the largest contributor to this site will not just disagree with my title
but disagree with this article that basically says the same thing:

be scared, very very scared!

another contributor to this site believes that anyone that comes here will be the victim of ransomware
that is scary, but Trump being president is more so

Election Odds for Hill to be POTUS @71.9%


I think that is high
I am scared out of my mind that we will have some Right Wing Nut at POTUS

it is illogical to think that we will function rationally

Nick Kristof said it in the NYT so it must be true


You really need to watch this More than 20 Million Americans Are Represented by the Democratic Senate Minority than the Publica

This is really for W

I hope he can watch a facebook post, video even if he doesn't have Facebook

Looks like Politifact doesn't like the truth either

BTW the rest of my truncated post title would say:
You really need to watch this More than 20 Million Americans Are Represented by the Democratic Senate Minority than the Publican Senate Majority

There are not enough Morons to elect Trump

I think I agree with Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys rather than a baseball statistician

Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way. Chris Lowe
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