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I sent this to myself with the Note "Clearly the most important op ed of the 21st Century

and the real reason i have to keep working because it is the do good Liberals who are hell bent on repealing the Affordable Health Care Act.

Mike's Sister in Law Finally Moved On This Morning

my best friend's sister in law has been in a comma for a few weeks and they pulled life support Sunday past.
In the last twenty years I have been to her house no fewer than twenty times for Christmas, Easter and or Thanksgiving.

With that being said I was looking for something to smile about

Seeing two posts here in the past few weeks makes me happy that there is more life in than there is in my virtual sister in law.

this article made me smile too

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy does exist, but this time they are probably helping keep Rubio/Fiorina out of office

I said it here first Bush Fiorina

now i am changing my bet, it still might be Bush, but I am not thinking it will be Rubio/Fiorina

Happy Labor Day

take a listen to the true meaning of today!

John Ellis Bush Bush and Carly Fiorina

You heard it here fist


HechtMail #1 hit on Bing for Wander Burst and Windows 10

so a few times a day i go surfing for how to remove this from my computer
Typing in Wander Burst gets me all kinds of info on how to remove it from previous versions of Windows, but not Windos 10. Just now I typed in Wander Burst Windows 10
and my web results listed the previous post as the # 1 response.

So am I the only one in the world that has this problem

All I really did was download DoNotSpy which I have since removed

Every time I go into remove the Wander Burst add on in FireFox it not only doesn't remove it, though it says it has, but I have to click settings options, addons, remove again and it doesn't

Maybe if someone comes up with an answer to this
This web site might get more hits

wander burst ads and how do you remove them from Windows 10

I am ready to give up and go to Mac

This is really bothersome

Talking Points Memo Premium and paywalls

So I am scanning news headlines today and see two interesting stories both at the problem is that both are available only to "Prime" members. Since when did they set up a firewall and if all of the good stuff is behind it does anyone go to the free site?

I am going to continue to do so because you can read the stuff elsewhere.

One article was about Scott Walker with a pic taken when he was in New Hamshire and he gets a pic taken of him with two young people holding a sign that is a check for $900 Million made out to Walker signed by the Koch Brothers that has "Presidency" in the lower left hand corner memo. I found this out at MSN.Com because I googled "Walker New Hapshire and Check."

While there at the Talking Points site I found another article I would have read that Hacktivists Hacked into Donald Trump's Web Site and ran a tribute to Jon Stewart there. I found this out by googling "Stewart Donald Trump Web Site" and read all about it at the WashingtonPost.Com

If I had unlimited time and money I might give Talking Points $50 a year because I beleive in Journalism. But there is such an easy work around, why?

So Why Did My Windows Upgrade Icon Disapear?

They say it is easy to upgrade. The icon was there until today
how to i get Windows 10 without it?

Looking for comments and what your response to this would be, please failed blog readers

I have all ready made a comment, reply to a comment on line, but this thing really has my undies in a budie.

"Yes free speech is not always intelligent speech, but this is far more than showing a lack of intelligence, respect or common sense. It is racist, prejudiced, but also treasonous."

your thoughts please

Happy Birthday Sonia Sotomayor

a day that shall live in infamy

Daryl Hecht

This is right down the road from W's old stomping grounds
I thought the story was cute when i heard it on TRMS, The Rachel Maddow Show for W
I heard Rachel say Judge Hecht and had to use the google machine to see if I was really hearing it correctly and if that is how he spelled is name

read my lips, raise my taxes

the capital of the flyover places really needs to raise taxes

Friend and Brother asked me to post this

Alice Offord Hecht Morgan

Obituary | Condolences

Alice Offord Hecht Morgan passed away in Denver on June 2, 2014. She resided at the Sunrise Assisted Living community. She was born in St. Louis, MO and graduated from McGill University before moving to New York City where she met her husband, Henry R. Hecht, the father of her three sons.

Living in Teaneck, NJ, she worked for many years with the Teaneck municipal government in the library and the welfare office. She was also involved in the integration of Teaneck schools.

The Hecht's, one of only two families, who voluntarily sent their children to Bryant School the year before Teaneck implemented a busing program.

She moved to Baltimore in 1985 after she met her second husband, George W. Morgan. She moved to Denver to be her with her youngest son. Alice is remembered for unfiltered witty sense of humor and her gift for entertaining conversation.

She is survived by her three sons and three grandchildren and her first husband. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center,

Why Would I Upgrade to Win 10?

According to this article by clicking on the Windows Icon in my system tray and up pops "Get Windows 10"
It does
According to the article it will then be automatically downloaded for me on 29 July
But the article says the offer is free for one year
So why don't I wait until there is at least a Service Pack 3 to get rid of the bugs and such?

I mean Windows 10 is not like the Apple Watch
Something I had to have regardless of it's bugs and limitations

Local Newspapers Matter

the decline of newspapers is why more and more we vote againgst our interests or stay home, which is just another way of voting against your interests

The Father of Freakonomics
if you can't read this article ask me to email it to you

It truly is irrational to believe that because we are capable of rational thought, we think rationally

Ted Cruz

I consider the three poeple that will visit this blog today friends. I am proud to know and love the other four or five people that will vist this blog by the end of the month as well.
That is why I am so happy that Ted Cruz is so serious about running for president that he nailed down these web sites:




Now i can't predict what your opinon of Ted Cruz is but I will be willing to bet 5¢ that you will love these two web sites

I think they stole the idea from me without attribution

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