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I rarely read David Brooks. But since I get M-F of the NYT on Audible I do manage to catch him at least once a week. Today's article was being read to me as I was washing my clothes, an exciting thing to be doing on a Friday Night when I realized, I liked what Brooks was saying. Furthermore I think it is an important read for the readers of this blog.

BTW Happy New Years!


I can do math. Here in the Zoo the sun set a minute later than yesterday and the day before. Two min later than earlier in the week and three minutes than all last week.

One more fun math fact. It has been more than a week since anyone else posted here!

fun facts for a long night when no one is posting

Happy 48th BDay to Bill Morgan

all you Nate Silver Fans, Check this out

Scheezics made reference in another post that it was like Occam's razor. Wouldn't that sum up Silver? For the record at 4:45 pm CST as I headed out with two smart phones and a tablet to go to a bar that was going to have 6 different channels on, this cartoon:
was the last thing I saw at my penthouse on Facebook. It made me smile and relax a little, but I admit I still wasnt sure until sometime after 7:30 pm CST

This Made Me Smile

EDITOR: The election results left me in utter disappointment. Not only will we see another four years of out-of-control spending, but also we’ve missed a fantastic opportunity for conservatism to take hold.
I blame the Republican Party for this failure. In 2009, we tea partiers rose up in a grassroots movement calling for limited government spending and absolutely no tax increases. We made significant gains in 2010 and brought in a great governor in Scott Walker and a fantastic businessman-turned-U.S.-Senator in Ron Johnson. We had the momentum.
And then came along Mitt Romney, and the gains we conservatives had made crumbled.
During the primaries, we saw great candidates like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann stand by the tea party mantras. One by one, they all fell by the wayside, as they weren't considered “moderate” enough for the Republican Party to endorse. We were left with Moderate Mitt, who took every position for as long as it was convenient for him.
And as a result of Republicans’ desire to run to the middle, we lost and we lost hard

Karl Rove Has A Lot of Guts

Supressing the vote? Give me a break. That is what Karl does. But wait, this is from the Monitor, more often than not a good newspaper, they dug deeper, to figure out what he meant. What he meant was that Team Obama ran so many negative ads that lots of Romeny voters stayed home discouraged.

Oh really, who has ever done that before?
Who is the master of voter supression?

W Knows I Love Chuck Todd and W Loves Nate Silver

Today on Hardball Chuck Todd was asked by Chris Mathews why people like Nate Silver got it right and most of the chattering class. Todd answered that they seemed to have access to a secret government study that we all ignored, in spite of the fact that it was available to all of us. "Called the Census."

A Different Way to Poll

This is very interesting, and according to the study more accurate. Luckily asking the right question, "who do you think will win?" the answer is overwelmingly Obama!

Check Out Today's ATC

They talked about betting on elections and the Iowa Market and Intrade

Nate Silver is On The Daily Show

watch it!

As Interesting As Cities In Ohio

of course what matters is how many in Cleveland are allowed to vote.
Because when you seperate the signal from the noise it is only votes that are counted that matter. Those that intend to vote, but not allowed, or don't make it, don't count.

You might enjoy listening to and or reading the above link when you contemplate how far to the right the SCOTUS will go in the next few years.

Columbus is the capital of and the largest city in the U.S. state of Ohio.

Heard it tonight on the Ed Show. So I had to go to Wikipedia to check it out:,_Ohio
BTW the metro areas are now virtually the same size!

On GPS This Morning

Freed Zakaria said this morning that Mittens is starting to run as a moderate Publican. "If so President Obama faces something far more challenging than a good debater in the last weeks of the campaign, he faces a moderate Republican." The Publicans hate Obama so much they just might wink and let him do it.
So what if Mittens is the moderate republican he always was, just trapped in a party of Publicans run by the looney tea party?
The guy is just as dangerous because the tea baggers will control him. Thoughts?

Something Nate Silver Forgot to Consider

POT! his article today on the politics of Colorado doesnt even mention it. If the sate is that close it could go to Romney because enough Obama voters to put him over the top will vote for Gary Johnson.

Fareed implys Publican's Will Have Trouble Winning Until They Stop Being Crazy. But why do they win so many?

As President Obama has surged in the polls, Republicans have been quick to identify the problem: Mitt Romney. Peggy Noonan eloquently voiced what many conservatives believe when she said that Romney’s campaign has been a “rolling calamity.” Others have been equally critical of his candidacy. And yet, shouldn’t it puzzle us that Romney is so “incompetent” (also from Noonan), given his deserved reputation for, well, competence? He founded one of this country’s most successful financial firms, turned around the flailing Salt Lake City Olympics and was a successful governor. How did he get so clumsy so fast?

In fact, the problem is not Romney but the new Republican Party. Given the direction in which it has moved and the pressures from its most extreme — yet most powerful — elements, any nominee would face the same challenge: Can you be a serious candidate for the general election while not outraging the Republican base?

It ain’t over, he said, until Karl Rove sings.

Mitt Romney's campaign might appear to be collapsing like a cheap card table, but one top Democrat close to President Barack Obama had a curt warning for allies who were declaring the election all but over on Tuesday.

It ain’t over, he said, until Karl Rove sings.

Read more:

This Morning's David Brooks

M-F I normally listen to the NYT summary on Audible. Chuck Todd had me run to the Brooks Column the old fashioned way at NYT.Com as he called Brooks "the Center Right Columnist of the Times...who seems like he is trying to fall in like with Romney."
Brooks is having a hard time:
"This spending surge, Eberstadt notes, has increased faster under Republican administrations than Democratic ones." This is a quote from Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute from the column.
Two questions, first if Romney can't get Brooks, he really is in trouble isn't he. Secondly if "entitlements" grow faster under Publican admins, if markets do better under Democratic admins, why aren't more Publicans voting their interests?


cant even spell his last name, his brother Todd is no longer on Facebook, at least that I can find, but Blake is the double nickel today!

The Nappa Valley of Beer

Go ahead google it. Bing it.

Romney has pulled ads in CO, WI, and PA

Looks like it is up to the bigger states. VA,FL, and OH

Something You Might Want

You can get a year of Weather Underground Premium for free. Just sign up as you were going to pay the $10 a year and then use discount code NEH55

cool huh?
winter is coming!

Interesting News From

Just got a card from the above web site.
Everything in the store, sans "bulk-priced items" is 20% off when you use the discount code "GEAR UP"

Always one to read the fine print I found something very interesting. They are allocating part of the contributions to state Democratic parties with the following formula/
17% FL, 16%OH, 13%PA, 11% each CO,NC&VA, 6 % to both NV anbd WI, 5%IA nd 4% to NH.

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