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Peggy Bundy - still got it...

Rock Bottom, baby!

Beloit Succaneers fall to 1 - 8

Carroll 40, Beloit 17

Three first quarter touchdowns gave the Carroll University football team all the points they would need to defeat the Beloit College Buccaneers.

8-0 St. Norbert
7-1 Illinois College
6-2 Lake Forest
6-2 Cornell
5-3 Ripon
4-4 Carroll
4-4 Monmouth
2-6 Grinnell
1-7 Knox
1-7 Lawrence
1-8 Beloit

It's the most...

wonderful time of the year...

I spoke with my pheasant trafficker today. He is in North Dakota and will be dropping off 8 - 16 mallards tomorrow. I already have 6 redheads. The deer report is promising, but there is nothing promised yet. A deer is a big deal to me.

Thanksgiving planning system for Peter...

Fairly advanced stuff - it's probably best to just order your staff to work on Thanksgiving.

Print out the tabbed Excel file that is attached to this post for the recipes and timing.
Post the printouts on a cabinet in your kitchen then point your "well intentioned helpers" to the posted schedule and recipes.


1) Call the meat dept. about a week in advance and ask about getting some turkey and chicken necks/backs. They will usually be cutting some turkeys for the holiday and can reserve some necks and backs for you. You will need 5 to 10 lbs for making the gravy.

2) Celery root - do not purchase if they feel "light". This indicates they have dried out and will be fibrous inside. If "heavy", wet ones are not available, then just go with more russett potatoes. Also, cook celery root for a shorter amount of time than you would the potatoes. Cooking them too long will also cause them to become fibrous, rather than creamy.

3) Wild mushrooms - Use fresh ones - whatever are available. They are expensive, so you can substitute regular ones if desired.

Approximating iTunes DJ in iTunes 11

iTunes 11 removed iTunes DJ (neé Party Shuffle), in which it was possible to queue up a random subset of your library or of a selected playlist, and change the queue with a click of the "Refresh" button. At first it seemed as though this was gone completely, but after some fiddling it appears you can get most of the functionality back as part of the new Up Next feature.

First the basics: Starting from a playlist, just click the shuffle icon (the intersecting arrows) in the header of the playlist view, not the shuffle icon in the iTunes LCD. However, there is no shuffle icon when you view your entire music library, so you'll have to fake it by creating a smart playlist with the condition "Media kind is music," with live updating turned on.

Buddy Holly --> Blind Faith --> Los Lonely Boys

This song will find a place in the Harbor Masters show next summer...

"Well Alright..."

And their studio version...

Domain registration runaround...

If you have ever tried to get a domain name out of "redemption", then you know how the "Registrar Exploitation System" (RES) works.

I've been going through the experience from the other side. Here is a sample exchange...

Hi Warren,

Per your suggestion - "Kindly refer to this link to know when it will be open for registration:", I have attempted to determine "when it will be open for registration" using the chart from the link.

As near as I can tell, it has been 73 days since expiration (Aug 30, 2013).

Using the link from above, this means the domain could have been available already for as many as 38 days (obviously this is not the case), or it may be as many as 7 days from now until it is available for registration.

So, without knowing the "Auto-Renew Grace Period" window (the link shows that it can be 0 to 45 days) for this domain, it isn't possible to determine "when it will be open for registration".

Minnesota cookbook author is now a Food Network host...

Amy Thielen, the hostess of Heartland Table on Food Network, grew up a few miles from the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota and graduated from Macalester College.

Here's a recent article about her rise up the "food ladder".

The best part about her success, in my opinion, is that it promotes her generations-old family meat market, Thielen Meats in Little Falls, MN. I've stopped there many times and they are very good.

This guy represents all Vikings fans...

...Longtime fan who vowed to not shave beard until Vikings won the Super Bowl dies

So that means he didn't shave since January of 1975. Interestingly, his look is nearly identical to Pete's beard - but Pete shaved his off 2 days ago.

Pete, please consider growing it back until the Packers win another Super Bowl. It will be a good look for you.

USFDA may approve the first genetically-modified animal for meat consumption...

This AquaAdvantage "Salmon" application is the first to get this far in the FDA.


It's my understanding that gm salmon have been around since salmon "farming" began ~15 yrs ago. I believe the gene(s) for growth were duplicated a few times in the strain's genome causing the farmed strains to grow (and eat) at an incredible rate. Maybe the difference here is that the gene transfer is interspecific rather than intraspecific.

Thanks Colorado!

Colorado cantaloupe farmers plead guilty on listeria outbreak


"Two Colorado farmers whose listeria-contaminated cantaloupes killed 33 people pleaded guilty on Tuesday to federal criminal charges stemming from one of the deadliest outbreaks of food-borne illness in the United States."

"In addition to the deaths, the listeria outbreak linked to the farm in the southeastern corner of Colorado led 147 people across 28 states to be hospitalized, authorities said. One woman suffered a miscarriage."

Thanks Pete!

Pete! Awesome hog report...

"December lean hogs rose 1.10 cents to $.8857 a pound."

..but grain was mixed...

"The ocean is broken..."

"I've done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I'm used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen."

Take the science literacy quiz and post your score...

Find it here

(And post your REAL score)
(and no f'ing cheating!)

The average reader score is 68%.

Talk about "situational irony"...

No, really...I want you to discuss situational irony...

If you have a fb account, then you can see that Kory has a facebook fan page...

Here' s a REAL hog report...

Summary: It's been a good week for producers during a time of year when prices usually decline...

And Maria Mckee's excellent cover of Van Morrison's "the Way Young Lovers Do"...

Well here's a real 'pick-me-up'!

I, pet goat II from Heliofant on Vimeo.

Hmmm...looks like Drupal is choking on the HD stream, so you might want to open it n a new window...


Q: Why was Cinderella thrown off the baseball team?

A: Because she ran away from the ball!

Q: How can you tell the ocean is friendly?

A: Because it waves!

You probably don't not know this...

...but back in his Beloit College days, Peter was known simply as "The Dumpster".

Here is a picture of the dumpster that has been outside his house for the past 5 weeks. I find it quite nostalgic somehow.

Watermelon Pickles

(Be sure to log in so that the image can actually be viewed - don't know why this is so, but the admin doesn't seem to care about converting the casual/random visitor from a "lead" into a "customer")


Here are some guidelines when consuming canned foods...

INSPECT the jar carefully for spoilage before consumption
1) The lids are loose
2) Gas bubbles are present
3) Liquid is spurting from the container
4) The contents are soft, mushy, moldy, or slimy
5) Sediment is present in the bottom of the jar
6) An unpleasant odor is present

If any of the above conditions are present, then take the following steps:
1) Dispose/destroy the product in such a way that it will not be accidently eaten by children or pets
2) Wash thoroughly any surfaces that may have come in contact with the product
3) Discard any kitchen sponges used during cleanup



Thursday night's "debate"

So, Barrett and Walker debated for the second and final time last night. I was streaming from and here is what stood out to me..

Walker has given "the speech" dozens and dozens of times over the last 12 months or so during his cross-country fundraising tour. It just pours out of him.

Barrett is a smart guy, a qualified guy, a nice person, and had his facts straight. He should have had a pretty easy time putting Walker in a defensive position. He could have done so by ignoring Walker, presenting the facts, and then closing the deal by expounding his vision for the future.

Walker will say anything, at anytime, in order to appear reasoned, well-intentioned, and as an advocate for the "wage earners" of Wisconsin.


Which of the following is the best choice to describe as the "job creaters" (choose one)?

A) The top 1%
B) Middle class consumers
C) The unseen hand of a "free market"
D) An invisible man in the sky with a gray beard who has developed a series of individual "fate plans" for every person on Earth that are, by definition, unknowable to the persons themselves.

Here's the problem with you Republicans, PETER!

You don't even know when you're lying. It just falls out of the hole...

"There's good reason WMC (Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce) was so excited: The new policy effectively eliminates state income taxes for many of Wisconsin's corporations, factory owners and agricultural producers by the time it's fully phased in.

Slipped into Gov. Scott Walker's 2011-2013 budget at the last moment, the domestic production tax credit will cost the state $360 million in revenue over the next four years and some $130 million each year thereafter, according to the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

As a result, top bracket taxpayers could see their state income tax rate fall from 7.75 percent to less than zero by 2016."

But at the same time...

"This credit is going to generate so much added economic activity that any cost will be dwarfed by all the new money coming in," he (Grothman) predicts."


Squeezebox added...

...yes, we will be singing the Slovenian lyrics!

It seems there is no way to embed videos on this "blog".

AM and Peter fantasy weekend...

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Port Washington, WI
Port Fish Day + The Harbormasters at the Devreaux Performing Arts Center
Please RSVP

(If you are a mean drunk, then please do not attend. Thank you in advance.)

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