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Appparently, capitalism will always succeed...

...because socialism will always be there to bail it out!

It seems to me that there are times when holding paper is preferable to commodities and vice versa. Since the saturation point has been passed whereby loads of credit are used to supplant real earnings (read real demand), it's unclear how another bubble can be constructed to raise share prices. So, if the repubs take over the 3 branches (supply side policy), I don't see a run up of share prices (go for commodities!). If the dems take over (some semblance of demand side policy), then paper may be poised for a run. If the branches remain divided?

My state Rep - David Hann...

Here is an example of Hann's idea of constituent representation...



"Minnesota was about to get $25 million in health care grants as part of the Affordable Care Act. The money would go to help children with cancer and to provide in-home care to military veterans. But Sen. David Hann (R-Eden Prairie) hates Obamacare so much that he blocked Minnesota from accessing these grants."

Even though the purpose and destination of the grants was clearly defined, in his letter, Hann obscures his real intent of blocking this grant by asking for more information:

"The documents provided to me do not sufficiently explain the need for the grant and for what purpose the money will be spent."

Gov. Dayton called out Hann for blocking this grant because of his ideology:

Seattle ends TJack's career...

It's all but over for the TJacker. By selecting Russell Wilson (QB-WI), I predict it's over for Tarvaris. Although the CFL could use a uy like him.

Madison couple wins "The Amazing Race"

Wendy & I actually applied to be contestants on this show about 5 years ago (complete with video!). If this blog was truly functional, then I would post the video. But, alas...

WI primary endorsement

FTW...RG endorses Kathleen Vinehout

Please visit her site:

If the polls are to be believed, it is likely that the nominee will be either Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who seems to have the lead, or his closest competitor, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, who is counting on “ground-game” support from the unions and environmental groups that have endorsed her.

Both Barrett and Falk are solid contenders. Both can point to remarkably progressive records. As a congressman, Barrett cast lonely votes with Russ Feingold and Tammy Baldwin against the Patriot Act and against going to war with Iraq. As Wisconsin’s public intervenor and later as Dane County executive, Falk defended the conservation consciousness of Gaylord Nelson and Warren Knowles in an era when the environment was under assault. Both Barrett and Falk have outlined smart agendas not just for taking on the governor but for reversing the damage he has done to Wisconsin.

That does not mean, however, that Barrett and Falk are the only contenders who have added good ideas to the campaign so far.

Having identity theft problems, PETER!

Another Mac Trojan Detected, Potentially Bigger Than the First...

SabPub is being used to attack specific targets: “It would seem that the attackers have an extremely select list of victims that is not very large.”

Lock on target: PH

the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe...

...and it seems the race is on for economic and military control...

"The Navy seems to be very on board regarding the reality of climate change and the especially large changes we are seeing in the Arctic," said Mark C. Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences University of Colorado. "There is already considerable collaboration between the Navy and civilian scientists and I see this collaboration growing in the future."

The most immediate challenge may not be war — both military and commercial assets are sparse enough to give all countries elbow room for a while — but whether militaries can respond to a disaster.

Heather Conley, director of the Europe program at the London-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, said militaries probably will have to rescue their own citizens in the Arctic before any confrontations arise there.


I've recently obtained the VGAT (voter group alienation targets) list from
Attn: All field offices: CRITICAL UPDATE TO VGAT list

  • People who like sex
  • People who hate banks
  • Soccer moms
  • Latinos
  • Millenials
  • Old people
  • Sick people
  • Scientists
  • Economists
  • Libertarians
  • Dog lovers
  • The 99%
  • Gays
  • Vets
  • Gay vets

Is this any way to win an election?

Sports sport sports...

Rangers roll on Ottawa
Blues over Sharks
Boston beats Caps
Blackhawks over Coyotes

Admirals over Icehogs

Devour it...

Well, well, well...

It looks like Walker has quietly turned the clock back, oh, about a hundred years. Governor Walker signed four anti-woman, anti-health care bills Thursday, behind closed doors and in secret. He made no public announcements, did not notify Democratic legislators, nor does it appear that members of the public were allowed to witness the signings. Gretchen Menn is ten times the person he will ever be!


1) Walker signed the bills Thursday but didn't announce the move until midday Friday, when his office released a list of more than 50 bills he signed Thursday and Friday.

Does the word "coward" comes to mind?

2) The first bill bans abortion coverage through policies obtained through a health insurance exchange, set to be created under the federal health care reform law starting in 2014. The only exceptions would be in cases of rape, incest or medical necessity.

Oh thank goodness these far right extremists are here to keep "big gubmit" from messing with our law-protected freedom. COWARD!

Gretchen Menn - guitar goddess...

As usual, Packer players soar on the national stage...

Three weeks into his stint on “Dancing with the Stars,” Packers WR Donald Driver’s progression as a dancer is mirroring that of his football career. Driver has steadily improved his score each week, going from 21 in week 1, to 24 in week 2, and 26 in Monday night’s show.

Driver turned in an emotional performance, dedicating his rendition of the rumba to a friend lost to cancer in 2010 — the same friend who introduced Driver to his wife, Betina. Driver explained that his friend died in his arms. “I grabbed his hand. All he could do is look at me,” Driver said. “And tears rolled down his eyes. He took another breath. And that was it. And I never let him go.”

“The passion that you just expressed was mesmerizing,” said Carrie Ann Inaba...“I was truly touched.”

Len Goodman...“I didn’t expect such a great, big, hunky-dunky football guy to come out and dance with such warmth and emotion. Awesome.”

Judge Bruno Tonioli rounded out the scorecard, telling Driver, “You push yourself to the limit every time.”

After the dance, Driver gave some simple advice: “You need to cherish every moment,” Driver said. “Live life to the fullest.”

"...the most significant police case since Rodney King."

Five ex-cops have been sentenced in the Katrina killings case, and it's nearly as ugly as the crimes themselves. Police gunned down James Brissette and Ronald Madison, who were both unarmed, and wounded four others on Sept. 4, 2005, less than a week after the storm devastated New Orleans. To cover it up, the officers planted a gun, fabricated witnesses and falsified reports. During sentencing, U.S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt lashed out at prosecutors for allowing others involved to serve lighter penalties for their crimes. Former Sgts. Kenneth Bowen and Robert Gisevius and former officers Anthony Villavaso and Robert Faulcon were sentenced under mandatory minimum sentences ranging from 35 to 60 years in prison. Other officers who engaged in similar conduct on the Danziger Bridge — but cut deals with prosecutors — are serving no more than eight years behind bars. Retired Sgt. Arthur "Archie" Kaufman, who was assigned to investigate the shootings, received six years in prison — a sentence below the federal guidelines. Kaufman wasn't charged in the shootings but was convicted of helping orchestrate the cover-up.

This time will be different...

...says Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn...

The monitoring group, Fair Labor Association, recently released a report that cited at least 43 violations of Chinese laws and regulations at Foxconn facilities. Also, the New York Times recently showed numerous instances where Foxconn defied industry codes of conduct by having employees work more than 60 hours a week, and sometimes more than 11 days in a row.

Foxconn produces iPhones and iPads and vowed to improve labor conditions after an audit in 2006, but whatever changes the company may have made didn’t meet legal standards or Apple’s “Code of Conduct” regarding labor practices, particularly those regarding weekly overtime limits.

Let's see - 12 hours a day for 11 days at a crack, for $300 a month in gross wages.

Walker - pay to play. Again.

Yesterday, Walker signed SB 428. He promised the bill will “streamline” the workings of the state Public Service Commission and “provide increased regulatory certainty for Wisconsin’s businesses.”

Real meaning?

“Increased regulatory certainty” means that the PSC (PUBLIC Service Commission) will no longer be able to examine issues for the PUBLIC interest. Instead, the utility corporations will likely win any dispute they face.

Also, “Wisconsin businesses” refers to multinational corporations that are NOT headquartered in Wisconsin or committed to the state. They will get the big benefits, as opposed to locally owned firms, Main Street shops and farmers.
It won't take long to evaluate the success of this strategic initiative. Walker’s recall campaign financial statements will soon be collecting checks from the corporations whose interests are being carefully shepherded by signing SB 428.

Translation: pay-to-play politics, at its worst.

A special kind of wisdom...

1) Q: If two is a couple, and three is a crowd, what is four and five?
A: Nine

2) Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

3) Q: Which animal keeps the best time?
A: A watch dog.

4) Did you hear about the skeleton who went to the library to "bone-up"?

5) Q: What does a houseboat become when it grows up?
A: A township.

GOP "big gubmint" - AGAIN

In WI, the Republicon legislature and governor recently rammed through a bill mandating that physicians take unnecessary steps and abide by new restrictions before performing an abortion. Ignoring the GOP-dictates means the doctor risks being charged with a felony.

That's right. Physicians face criminal penalties if they use established treatment standards - standards that are the ethical underpinnings of their profession - instead of the legislatively-prescribed mandates that DO NOT match established standards of patient care.

"Deregulation, small government, and individual freedom" my ass.

Are you still registered with this party, Peter?

The presidential election is essentially decided...

I submit that the "1-percenters" have already accepted a Republican loss for president. Their focus will be on the down-ticket races. The media will still be pumping the presidential campaigns, and, of course, will do their best to make it a 50-50 race. But the string-pullers know it is all over save the vote itself.

Crime and Courts: Two more former Walker aides charged

Ha! My repub nutjob client was about to hire Rindfleisch until this bomb dropped. He told me today she was just "doing stuff on her lunch hour" and implied that they are being charged over activities that are being blown totally out of proportion.

The "facts" from the indictments seem at odds with his opinions...

I still keep it neutral with him politically and let him know that I'm blissfully ignorant of that "recall stuff" going on in WI.

Christmas time...


PORK BUTT (Lbs) 8.75
LEAN BEEF (Lbs) 1.25
SALT (Tbsp) 4
PRAGUE POWDER #1 (tsp) 2
LEMON ZEST (Count) 1
ICE WATER (Cups) 2
CLEAR FIBROUS CASINGS - 3.5" X 24" (Count) 4

SOAK 4 3.5" x 24" clear, fibrous casings in warm water
GRIND meat using a 3/16" grinder plate
ADD remaining ingredients and MIX well, ADDING water as you go along
STUFF into clear, fibrous 3.5" x 24" casings, filling each about 2/3 of the way
HANG sausages at room temperature for about 2 hours
HEAT smokehouse to 150 degs
INSERT probe thermometer into the middle of one of the sausages
PLACE sausage in smokehouse and APPLY smoke
ALLOW to cook for 1 hour, then raise the temperature to 160 degs
COOK sausages until an internal temperature of 152 degs has been reached


Wrong again PETER!

Let's break it down to the two terms most folks are familiar with - supply and demand.

Peter, in one word, what drives supply?

Peter, in one word, what drives demand?

Morning Hog Report

Hogs Market Report
Mon 05 Dec 2011 09:15:00 CT

Morning Hog Market Report

February hogs closed 105 lower for the session Friday and down 257 for the week. The hog market traded slightly higher following other commodity markets, finding additional support from a recovery in ham prices late Thursday. Some traders felt that sentiment changed as outside markets became "less" supportive from a recovery in the US Dollar, which drove the market down towards the lowest price levels since November 17th. The CME Lean Hog Index as of November 30th came in at 85.88, up 91 cents from the previous session and up from 83.51 the week before. Pork cutout values released after the close Friday came in at $88.61, down 69 cents from Thursday and down from $89.77 the previous week. The estimated hog slaughter came in at 422,000 head on Friday and pushed the total for the week to 2.147 million head, up from 1.712 million head last week at this time and up from 2.121 million head a year ago. Pork production for the week was estimated at 490.7 million pounds, which was up 1.3% from last year.

Pennies. Not nickels, dumbass!

If Laws Change, 'Penny Hoarders' Could Cash in on Thousands of Dollars

Joe Henry is on a first name basis with bank tellers across his hometown of Medford, Ore., scouring 15 banks a week with one thing on his mind: pennies.

Henry is often seen toting around bags of pennies, some he buys, others he changes back in for cash, which seems a little strange at first. He's not a collector, he is what's known as a "penny hoarder" and he is not alone.

Inside a shed next to his house, Henry has orange tubs filled with 200,000 pennies, and he spends hours sorting through roll after roll of the coins. But it's not just any and all pennies, Henry is only interested in those that are dated from 1982 and earlier because those are the coins made with 95 percent copper. A copper penny is worth more than other pennies -- now mostly made of zinc -- currently priced at $0.024.

"The copper has such a different sound than zinc pennies do," Henry said. "Real money has that definite sound of money and if you listen to a modern zinc penny, they don't sound the same, they sound sort of tinny."

Henry even has a $500 home counting machine to separate out the copper ones.

Wrong again... PETER

Dear Peter,

You can argue with success, but it makes you look young and foolish.

Now get busy - ticket scrapbooker?


Whatever you do, make sure you step out of your comfort zone...

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