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Only 5 men have a chance to be Republican Nominee

Now I realize that it is possible that I will be the Republican Nominee but only 5 people have a chance of better than 100-1.

Marco Rubio far in the lead at 42%
Donald Trump 22%
Ted Cruz 19%
Jeb Bush 10%
Chris Christie at 7%.

At those odds, I would bet on either Cruz or Christie

Election Predictions

Pivit.io has 12 tossup states.

I know that AM will take me up on one of the bets. I think WI is going to go for Hillary. I will give you 2-1 odds. Any takers?

I called 4 of the states that Pivit lists as tossups.
NM 90% for the Democrats
MI 81% for the Democrats
NC 87% for the Republicans
MO 91% for the Republicans

So, because I trust AM's opinion, I haven't called WI yet even though it is 89% for Hillary.

I am now willing to call Omaha for the Republicans.

Paris and Obama

I am not sure I understand why President Obama is being blamed for allowing/not preventing the attacks in Paris.

Do you think it is fair to blame the President of the United States for attacks in the capital city of our close European ally?

I am just wondering if any of the people who are now blaming Obama were also blaming President Bush for the attacks in London and Madrid. Of course, I also wonder how many people blamed Bush and are not now blaming Obama.

I always complain about people who twist themselves into a pretzel in order to logically defend actions depending on their political party.

Investing Ideas

I really don’t understand the Global Warming controversy.

On the one hand, scientists could lose funding if it turns out that they fudged the data and CO2 doesn’t really cause Global Warming. But these people are smart people and could probably find jobs almost as good in another industry. It really wouldn’t hurt them TOO much if they had to get other jobs.

On the other hand, oil and coal company employees could lose their jobs if it turns out that the world can’t afford to consume the oil and coal that is helping to pay their salaries. These employees are good at their jobs and could probably find jobs almost as good in another industry. It really wouldn’t hurt them TOO much if they had to get other jobs.
In either case, a group of people will have to find other work. So it might not be easy to figure out which side has a bigger incentive to fudge the data and try and show there is a dispute over whether CO2 will cause intolerable harm to live on this planet.

John Oliver Pennies

Stupid Trivia

"not a single state that begins with A has a Democratic senator. How about that?"

Kevin Drum is worth reading

My really DARK, DARK horse is out

I had thought that it was possible that Jindal could do really well in Iowa and that might propel him to the nomination.

I figured he was a good 50-1 or 100-1 pick for the nomination.

I guess I was wrong.

I wonder if Carly Fiorina is still in the running for VP. She had one good debate and then has basically disappeared.

I am using Chrome right now and it seems better than IE. This is your signal to tell me that I am wrong and always have been wrong about being a slave to Bill.

Who says one vote doesn't count!!!


Both candidates had 195 votes.

So that means that there were 195 votes this election that counted.

Don't forget that the 195 people who voted for the loser wasted their time voting. They could have stayed home and their candidate still would have lost.

I don't know how many people voted on Tuesday and I don't know how many individual selections were made.

Do the math. 195 votes counted and Bradenton Beach, Florida will never be the same.


Drew Brees set a record throwing 7 TD passes.

Amazingly, it was the second time that a game ended 52-49.
The Raiders beat the Oilers 52-49 in 1963

I am surprised that with the 2 point conversion that no game has ever ended 15-8

Taxable Income

Andrew's VP candidate has said the tax code is too big. She said ... you need to figure out that 73,000-page tax code and how to make it work for you. So, we've got to get it down to about 3 pages, literally."

It seems to me that Fiorina doesn't understand the definition of "literally".

I just wonder if someone will ask her at one of the debates:

You stated the tax code should literally be 3 pages. When will you make public your 3 page tax code? It shouldn't take too much time for you or your staff to write those 3 pages.

PS this idea was basically stolen from Kevin Drum

National Review is right again

It doesn't appear to be online even though I am a subscriber


That isn't the article I am talking about

The blurb in the magazine says this:

Carly Fiorina: Hillary Clinton Flunks Economics

This is the title of a WSJ article on 10-26-15.

She is saying Clinton is wrong about the economy doing better under Democrats.

"Under President Obama, the economy has been hobbled. The 73,000-page tax code is too complex..."
The tax code has barely changed under Obama. Common sense would lead you to believe the extra complexity would have a minor effect, at most.

Carly says "Whose economy is she talking about?" when arguing with Hillary's statement that the economy does better when you have a Democrat in the White House." Can you seriously think that anything that Carly has proposed will help the middle class more than the upper class?

I have no doubt that Carly really believes she will help the middle class more than Clinton. But does she really not believe in Reaganomics where a rising tide lifts all boats?

Then Fiorina states one of the stupidest stats of the last 10 years. "92% of the jobs lost during Mr. Obama's firs term... belonged to women, according to the BLS. Am I wrong to think that she said that for every 100 jobs lost that women lost 92 of them? That is absurd on its face.

Drug Prices

What do you think the Republican objective to the following would be:

Drug prices in the US cannot be more than triple the prices of drugs in the 12 richest countries with populations above 8 million people.

I don't want places like Monaco and Lichtenstein to count. Maybe triple is not the right level, maybe it should be 10 or 15 countries, maybe it should be population over 5 million or 20 million.

The idea is that it should be illegal for a company in the US to price a drug for $750 a pill when it is available in the EU or Canada for $3 a pill.

If the drug company wanted to charge $750 in the US then it would have to charge $250 around the first world. If it were a generic then other countries could produce the bill for less and they wouldn't be able to charge $750.

Most educated immigrants

Don't Google the question

What country's immigrants have the highest percentage of college degrees? Almost 2/3.

There are less than 200 countries but I will make it easy and say it isn't one of the smaller countries. So if both of Andora's immigrants have college degrees then they don't count.

I am really surprised at the answer.

It isn't Korea or Japan or Taiwan. It isn't some small little rich country in Europe like Denmark or Holland.

VW Emissions . . . . . . . . . .

I don’t understand our laws.

VW cheated on its emission testing and the company lost $20 billion in market value. However, it appears they didn’t really break any US laws. They may be prosecuted for lying to regulators.

It seems to me that if you are cheating to the extent that it will cost you $20 billion if you are caught that you should have broken some serious law.

How can this country allow such weak penalties for violating such serious laws?

Pelosi should bail out the Republicans

Congress needs to work.

I think that Pelosi should announce that the Democrats will provide the votes needed to get to 218 for the candidate who gets the most Republican votes.

This would weaken the crazy wing of the Republican Party and the new leadership wouldn't lose face by having to rely on Democratic votes.

If a crazy person got the most votes then the Democrats should help elect the crazy person.

I wonder how the Orangeman thinks of all this. It seems like it is extra evidence that he made he right decision and he can get filthy rich in about 12 months.

33 ways to mate

I was messing around with a chess program and ended up with 5 queens against a rook and was in a position where the program told me I had 33 different ways to mate.

I wonder what the theoretical maximum is?

Can you have a real position with 50 ways to mate? 100 ways to mate?

Politifact - Mass Shootings

I just don’t understand Politifact.

They have this post calling Obama’s claim that mass shootings don’t happen in other countries and called it mostly false.

One chart shows countries that HAVE HAD mass shootings. It includes non first world countries such as Mexico and China. I don’t think they belong. It doesn’t include, as best I can tell, the first world countries that DON’T have mass shootings. It lists England but doesn’t include Scotland or Wales. It has Finland and Norway but doesn’t include Denmark or Sweden. It doesn’t include major countries like Italy and Spain and smaller countries like Holland and Belgium. It includes Australia but not New Zealand. It includes China but doesn’t include Japan and Korea.

I don’t know if those countries had mass shootings but I can’t imagine why they would be left off the list.

a quick course on probability

What does my brother have in common with Han Solo?


Logic is no match for science


I am sure this helps support what you already believe.


We made it to Iceland and we're in the hotel everything is OK tell g we made it to Iceland and we're in the hotel everything is OK tell DAD


Some of us won't understand this post at all because we lack a common frame of reference.

I took a photo of "YOU WIN!" 4096. I just wish I could remember how to post photos.

I ended with 59924.

For me, I think I did great. But I am sure that other people have done far better than that.

Dottie Alford

I just got an email from Crystal Lake about the alumni weekend over Columbus Day.

This year, we will also be having a memorial service in honor of Dottie Alford, who passed away Saturday, July 18, 2015 in Chestnut Hill , Mass. If you can’t come for the whole weekend, please consider joining us for the Saturday afternoon service or emailing remembrances to alumni@crystallakecamps.org.

I really miss her.

Sometimes Republicans are right and Democrats are wrong

Or maybe: I am just far more conservative than the average Democrat


"The proposal for the $998 million stadium would have the state and city picking up almost 40 percent of the cost, $388 million, through bonding, tax credits and other incentives, according to a July 14 document from the Missouri Development Finance Board."

Basically, the Democratic Governor of Missouri and the Democratic Mayor of St Louis want to take $388 million from the taxpayers and give it to one of the richest people in the country.

Let the Rams go back to LA. The people of St Louis will be better off with the extra $388 million than having the Rams. On top of that, the people in the rest of the country will also be better off if we all quit paying ransom to these ultra-rich team owners who have virtually no loyalty to their communities.

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