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Read this - I want your opinion - Sony hacking

Is it really as bad as this says it is?


This article scared the crap out of me.

Cheney and torture


I think this is a great summary of why Cheney is wrong.

What do you think?

Interesting psychology


My favorite thing at work is that most of our customers are stupid.

We have a very small penalty for early withdrawal of long term CDs. So if you buy a 5 year CD and cash it in after 1 year, you lose 6 months interest. however, getting 6 months interest on a 5 year CD is higher than what you would get for 12 months of a 1 year CD. In other words, NOBODY should get a 1 year CD at our bank or many banks.

I am working on changing the rules.

Bowl Games

The best Bowl game of the year is the Sugar Bowl between #1 Alabama and #5 Ohio Sate. It is an $18mm to each team bowl game so it should be one of the best.

All of my rankings are from Jeff Sagarin.

The second best bowl game is the Peach Bowl between $2 TCU and #4 Mississippi. It pays less than $4mm to TCU and less than $3mm to Mississippi. So these teams are way underpaid.

The worst Bowl game financially is the Fiesta Bowl between #30 Arizona and #33 Boise State. Each team gets $18mm but there are at least 14 better matchups.

As I have said previously, it is almost impossible to choose between #4 and #7 in most seasons. There are 6 teams with one loss or less that deserve to be considered. There are at least two loss teams that deserve to be considered and even a few three loss teams. Sagarin has Mississippi ranked number 4 because it played a tough schedule and lost close games and won big when it won: but it had three losses.

Radio Shack

annual complaint about pro football playoffs (Division I)

I bet some people are really not happy that TCU didn't make the playoffs.

It is hard to tell the difference between #2 and #3 in the old BCS but it is really hard to tell the difference between #4 and number #5. This year you can make the case that #5 and #6 are better than #3 or #4.

Personally, I think it is crazy not to have Alabama as #1. I also think that the second place team in the SEC West also should have made the playoffs.

Anyway, the four team format is not workable. They will have to expand it to eight sometime soon. THen the people complaining about the difference between the #14 and the #8 team can't complain as much because they aren't the best in the country anyway.

The Democrats are Dead

Not those Democrats

Mark Reckless, a former Tory MP whose defection to Ukip triggered the byelection, received 16,867 votes, or 42.1% of the poll. His Conservative opponent, Kelly Tolhurst, took 13,947 votes (34.8%). The Tory vote fell by 14.4%. Labour’s Naushabah Khan came third with 6,713 (16.8%, down 11.7%) and the Liberal Democrats just 349 (0.9%, down 15.4%).

Conservative vote was down 29%, Labour down 41%, Lib-Dem down 94%

Sell some stock

I just sold 3% of my portfolio and invested it in bonds.

I am writing this now to warn people who are planning to use their stock investments to fund their college expenses in Philadelphia that they should probably sell half their stocks and buy invest it in a short term bond fund.

Of course, I don't know how often he reads this blog for investment advice.

I hope this is a BFD


"Founders of political wagering site Intrade are back with a new forum for electoral prognosticating, minus one big thing: the wagering.

Pivit, a web and mobile application, is launching prediction markets this week for the midterm U.S. elections."

Can it make good predictions without wagering real money? I can't imagine it will be close to as good as it was but I would be happy if it was half as good.

I've come HOME


This is an ad and I have only been in Paris for a few days. For what it's worth, I've only lived in New York for a few days too.

I never felt at home in Houston. I did feel at home in Santa Fe but it always seemed too much like Disneyworld.

Yellow Dog Democrat

I just voted.

In PRSF, the People's Republic of Santa Fe, a number of races only had the Democrat on the ballot.

I just voted for a Democrat when they were running against a Republican. I didn't bother to vote for the Democrats who ran unopposed.

I also voted to legalize pot inside Santa Fe (I think it was Santa Fe County).

So you can't bitch at me about voting being a waste of time for the next few years.

Alice Offord March 1953

I am busy packing and I found a tiny Science and Health and it is signed

Alice Offord March 1953

I never knew she was that interested that early. She was only 23.

I'm not a scientist


"When politicians say “I’m not a scientist,” it is an exasperating evasion. It’s a cowardly way to avoid answering basic and important policy questions. This response raises lots of other important questions about their decision-making processes. Do they have opinions on how to best maintain our nation’s highways, bridges, and tunnels—or do they not because they’re not civil engineers? Do they refuse to talk about agriculture policy on the grounds that they’re not farmers? How do they think we should be addressing the threat of ISIS? They wouldn’t know, of course; they’re not military generals."

Peter was more popular

As best I can figure out, from the time Mom was born until the time Peter was born, Peter was a more popular name than Andrew. Since Peter was born, Andrew is a more popular name than Peter.

Andrew was also more popular for a girl's name than Peter from 1962 on.

Now, seriously, where else can you get such vital information other than hechtmail.com?

American Top 40

I am listening to AT 40 on a Las Vegas, NV not NM and he just mentioned that he Defranco Family has a top 10 song and they are all from Port Colborne.

The song is Heartbeat, it's a love beat. The hottest group from Canada

ANyway, they all live in SoCal now.

Stupid Ebola quiz

I took a quiz in the Wall Street Journal about how much I knew about Ebola.

Some of the questions were good but this seemed insane to me
9 Which of the following experimental drugs is NOT being used on an emergency basis to treat Ebola?
20% selected A.

21.8% selected B.

31.3% selected C.

26.8% selected D.

I think I heard of A and D. I decided B would be too easy an answer. So I answered correctly with C.

Anyway, I think it was a stupid question to determine if you understand the Ebola crisis.

6 Which of these symptoms is LEAST likely to occur in a typical Ebola infection?
Sore throat and runny nose
76% selected A.

6.9% selected B.

Severe headache
12.4% selected C.

Fever greater than 101.5F (38.6C)
4.7% selected D.

Sore throat and runny nose are the least likely symptoms of these four. (See the CDC's list of common symptoms.).

This is a far more serious question and I got it wrong. I answered C.

Weekly complaint about College Football

Right now there are five major teams who are undefeated. Somebody would be screaming if the season ended today. Marshall is also undefeated but they don’t deserve to be in the playoff NO MATTER WHAT.

The composite ranking right now has Auburn at #3 with one loss. A bunch of great SEC teams are going to end up with many losses. After all, the round robin means that at most one team can go undefeated and at most one team can have only one loss. Six of the top fourteen teams are from the SEC West.

So five major teams are undefeated and a ton have one loss. Massey lists 112 different rankings: some of them look crazy to me but who am I to say. 24 different teams would have a claim to be in the top 4 in at least one of those rankings. 8 different teams are in the top 4 according to at least 10 of those rankings. Auburn is far more popular than either Baylor or Florida State. Imagine the uproar when a team with more losses is picked than a team that isn’t picked.

I can do this every week because it is impossible to pick only four teams. The difference between #4 and #8 is probably less than the difference between #2 and #3.

I love Fox News

OK, Love might be an overstatement.

A broken clock is right twice a day.


When Texas wants Federal Help

Stephanie Miller

I rarely listen to Stephanie Miller on the liberal radio station in Santa Fe.

Yesterday, she was being nasty to a caller who thought that we should recognize polygamy for Muslims and Mormons. The best defense that she could come up with is that the caller was a troll and she wasn’t going to be caught on tape supporting polygamy because it would be used by opponents of gay marriage showing the slippery slope.

In any event, Stephanie Miller is nowhere near as good a talk show host as Rush Limbaugh.

I have always been in favor of polygamy as long as the people are of age. I believe, but have no data to back my belief, that most women in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) are married when they are quite young. If we had a law that the state wouldn’t recognize plural marriages when the girl is less than 18 then it might make sense. Writing this, I don’t know how to prevent the man from having a religious marriage as soon as the girl is above the age of consent to be formally recognized when she turns 18.

which model is better

God's country

The Trouble with Islam


a couple of quotes
"It’s a little amazing to me to watch some liberals who get extremely upset at religious people refusing to bake a cake for someone else’s wedding on religious grounds, suddenly seeing nuance when a religion believes that anyone who leaves it should be executed. If you’re against fundamentalism of the mildest variety here, why are you so forgiving of it elsewhere?"

"It’s also good to see Nick Kristof note the following today:

Of the 10 bottom-ranking countries in the World Economic Forum’s report on women’s rights, nine are majority Muslim. In Afghanistan, Jordan and Egypt, more than three-quarters of Muslims favor the death penalty for Muslims who renounce their faith, according to a Pew survey."

How can civilized society take a group of people, Muslims, seriously when a huge majority in Egypt and significant numbers around the world think that people should be killed who leave the group?



The IOC is insane. Nobody should bid for the Olympics.

The US will never get the Olympics anytime soon because the rest of the world is scared to death of who wouldn't be able to come to visit because we are paranoid about terrorism.

does this link work


12 questions.
it says that only 1% get all 12 correct.

how did you do?

Republicans did significantly better on the test than Democrats.

please take the test

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