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It is hard to admit you were wrong.

what do I have in common with Boeing's biggest plane?

My credit score is 747 from Experian.

There is supposed to be some kind of judgment against me from back in 2006.

I can't figure out what it is but it doesn't seem to have hurt by credit too much.

I paid $1 to freecreditreport.com and they only showed my the Experian credit number and credit report. I just called and cancelled because I don't want to pay any money.

Just thought you might be interested.

I just went through nationacreditreport.com where they give you all three numbers for free but you need to cancel within 7 days or they hit you for $30 a month. They say Experian gives me 751 and the other two companies give me 811. It appears the only ding to my credit was that I was late 25 months ago. I wonder if it was a problem with the home equity line in Demarest. In any event, 811 is virtually perfect.

You should read the link


I don't know the background but if Kevin Drum is correct then the Republicans are torn between losing American sovereignty (a really hard word to spell) and hurting big business.

does anyone know anything about this?

The caller should be charged with accessory to murder


This is about a guy who was shot in Wal-Mart as soon as the cops approached.

NCAA Football rankings are wrong

At least in one little area this week
Sat. Oct. 4 - 3:30 pm ET (NBC) Line
44.5 O/U
Notre Dame#9

Notre Dame is ranked #9 but is a two point underdog at home against the #14 team.

BTW, I think the football playoffs will have the same problem as the BCS did. It will be almost impossible to pick between #4, #5, and #6 at the end of the year. Teams will have serious complaints that they deserved to be in the playoff.

Right now, Sagarin has two teams from the SEC West in the top 4. There will be about 8 teams with one loss that all will be considered for the #4 slot.

Of course, the Big Ten is so bad this year that they don't even belong in the top conferences.

I was wrong(The above paragraph), the Big Ten is just slightly worse than the ACC.

never throw people who work for you under a bus


Whether or not the NSA screwed up, IT IS OBAMA'S FAULT!!

Deal with it.

how much does an iphone cost


Another example of people not understanding what is really happening.

But my problem isn't my knowledge of religion


I scored 15 out of 15 although I guessed at one (I had a 50-50 chance).

So I am in the 99th percentile. I wonder about that. Does that mean that less than 1 in 50 people get every question correct?

My problem is that I a "sexually frustrated dickless wonder"


At least I finally understand one of my problems.

Now I just have to work on the other 489 major problems that I have.

Crap like this gives liberals a bad name

Abortions are good for climate change!

Did I misread this?

I like Washington Monthly but I think this is crazy.


Lower the corporate tax rate

I think it is critical that we reduce the top tax rate from 35% to something like 20% or 25%.

The main reason for this is that far too many smart people are working for corporate tax departments or big CPA and law firms trying to avoid paying taxes.

If we lowered the tax rate from 35% to 25% then we would lose at most 2/7 of the money raised by the corporate tax. I am confident it wouldn't be that much but it couldn't be more.

However, a huge chunk of CPA's and lawyers would have to get productive work. Those smart people would actually help the economy instead of not having a productive job.

Guns and Abortion


The answer is: The USA, Burma (Myanmar), and Liberia.

The questions is:

Name the three countries that don't use the metric system.

Climate-change skepticism

Climate-change skepticism is biggest in the USA then Great Britain and then Australia.

Chris Mooney thinks the thing that links these countries together is Rupert Murdoch.

Interesting, isn't it?

Alice Anne Offord Hecht Morgan

Alice would be 85 years old today.

I miss her.

27 years ago

It wasn't a mistake. I am glad I did it. I have three wonderful kids.

Sue is a wonderful person.


The end of the Hoover Administration in 1932 is closer to Watergate than we are.

Two Popes

This is the first time ever we have had Two Popes during the World Cup.

Is it a coincidence that the Pope's home countries are in the World Cup Final?


The Dow is over 17,000.

You should reduce your stock holdings by about 5% of your entire portfolio or about 10% of the amount you hold in stocks.

Victory in Iraq

"Last American combat troops leave Iraq. I think President George W. Bush deserves some credit for victory.
10:01 PM - 18 Aug 2010"

This was a Tweet from John McCain.


Computer Go


Probably worth reading for anyone who has a small understanding of Go and is interested in AI.


I got a job in Santa Fe!!!!!

Clippers and Bucks

It is insane to pay $2 billion for the Clippers while the Milwaukee Bucks were just sold for $550 million.

What do you get for the extra $1.45 billion?


OK it is a big TV market and all that. But why can’t the new owner of the Bucks move the team to LA?

Baseball is exempt from antitrust so the Brewers can’t relocate to LA. But any basketball or football team can move to New York or LA.

If I owned the Bucks, I would move the team to Newark. They have a beautiful new arena where the Devils play. Then if I could convince LeBron James to play for me for $1 million then I would win the NBA championship, get really rich and James would make hundreds of millions in endorsements.

I just don’t understand why the Bucks sold for so little?

Old and Young Names


I thought it was really interesting but I like this kind of stuff.

The median age of a girl named Emily is about 17. The median age of a girl named Dorothy is about 74.

Sometimes conservatives are right.

I am not sure who gets credit for this story but I recently heard that it came from Milton Friedman.

The Chinese were working on a major construction project and they had hundreds of workers with shovels. The American said “You can get more work done with a single man with a back-hoe.” The Chinese said something like “what would all the other workers do?” The American responded “I thought you were building a road. If you want to create jobs then why not give them all spoons instead of shovels.”

Society needs to weigh the costs of using old technology. This will become even more important in the future as computers are able to do more and more.

Anyway, I LOVE the idea of self-driving cars and think it will be great for society. Obviously, there will be winners and losers but I think there will be a huge number of winners and not too many losers.

So this comment, which is from a link embedded in the attached link is so annoying.

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