Hechtmail.com is most likely running on a Linux server...

...totally SCREWED AGAIN!

"GHOST poses a remote code execution risk that makes it incredibly easy for an attacker to exploit a machine. For example, an attacker could send a simple email on a Linux-based system and automatically get complete access to that machine," said Wolfgang Kandek, Qualys's CTO in a statement. "Given the sheer number of systems based on glibc, we believe this is a high severity vulnerability and should be addressed immediately."

"My advice to you is to now, not later today, now, update your Linux system as soon as possible."

"...gethostbyname is called on by so many core processes, such as auditd, dbus-daem, dhclient, init, master, mysqld, rsyslogd, sshd, udevd, and xinetd, you want to make absolutely sure that all your system's running programs are using the patched code."



https://community.qualys.com/blogs/laws-of-vulnerabilities/2015/01/27/th... it is an issue with a basic function with the Linux OS. It involves a buffer overload with the function that translates IP addresses into names or vice versa.

The server hosting this site has been patched so it won't be a problem any more.

Can someone explain what is

Can someone explain what is going on?


The staff at aqhost has

The staff at aqhost has already patched GHOST.

That's a bummer. I have

That's a bummer. I have contacted aqhost and will post the reply when I get it.

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