Scott Walker, legislative leaders drop open records changes

The rejection of Walker’s attempt to shroud the state government in secrecy is good news, but celebrating that does not change the fact that this budget is an unmitigated disaster for the people of Wisconsin. The damage goes way beyond the 67 slimy provisions in motion 999, nearly all of which will now become law. This budget will have a devastating impact on Wisconsin for decades. Republican legislators are high-fiving each other as we speak, and can’t wait to see how much dirty money this budget will bring to their campaigns.

The worst thing about this situation is that the Republicans are not done yet. The state will be broke again in 2 years, as more of their giveaways to the wealthy take effect. The Republicans will then renew their attack on public education, the middle class, and the most vulnerable—senior citizens, the disabled, and the poor. And they will again sneak policy changes and handouts to their donors into the budget, knowing that none of these provisions would ever fly if exposed to the light of day.

Unfortunately the Republicans rigged the legislative districts with a level of sophistication never before seen, and they have done everything possible to make it difficult for people to vote. As a result they feel they are completely unaccountable for what they do, and no longer bother to listen to their constituents. I’m not sure if they can salvage their democracy in Wisconsin, but there sure is a lot at stake.

I know what Gov. Walker gets

I know what Gov. Walker gets out of this. He gets an increased chance in getting the nomination and becoming President.

What do the Republican legislators get out of destroying the state?

I think most of them actually believe this is good for the state. I think they all drunk too much Kool-Aid and think the answer to the common cold is a tax cut for the rich.

I just love the idea that we need to get rid of all public unions except the cops. The idea that unions are good for cops but bad for everyone else also appears to be a major plank in the Republican party.

It's just a matter time

It's just a matter time before we are all broke. Even the top ten percent.

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