DJIA up 490 pts (2.84%) in three days...

So, let's review the real 'minutes' that drove the market up 250+ today ... After more than ten years (that's a decade for the college readers here) of not raising interest rates, and essentially 8 years at zero, that has exclusively and solely benefited the most corrupt financial system ever documented, the Fed attempted to cleverly orchestrate discussions what could add more "gains" for the biggest bloated-financial-pig's on Wall Street since they 'shorted stocks' ahead of the so-called Great Recession that made most of them vastly rich, while the underlying joke called an 'economy', commonly and consistently referred to as a "recovery" by the Obama administration, remained fundamentally an abysmal failure.

The debate comically took the form of a discussion over drinks that the interest rate policy has consistently failed to spur any growth whatsoever. And, while inflation for everything required to maintain life has soared, flat-screen TV's are falling in price. Further conversations surrounded the fake employment numbers and other economic data points that the Fed has manipulated into an entire illusion of prosperity, some additional talking points for the Democratic Party, and for effectively 90% of the population that is trying to live on income levels that match the 1970's.

According to staff prostitutes and Boy-Toy's many of the estimates which have historically proven to never to have been met, including every economic forecast the Fed has announced over the last 12 years, the equilibrium rate, which is pure BS, likely will provide no benefits whatsoever to the more than 60 million retirees that won't see an increase in Social Security next year, moreover, Fed members confirmed their commitment to continue paying interest to banks that deposit funds on the Fed's balance sheet rather than motivate them to lend it to 'main street'.

The meeting adjourned with an ambitious conviction that everything said will further improved the stock market, which Chair Yellen proclaimed, is the most important consideration we have other than maintaining our extremely high paying jobs and watching our 'blind trust accounts' soar higher on our decisions. The members then all signed a Thank You card for Goldman Sachs for providing an advance copy of the minutes released to the public.

I don't want to cause a big

I don't want to cause a big fight but

You have basically no idea why the stock market went up or went down.

But then, I have basically no idea why the stock market went up or went down.

Remember that all of the QE that the Fed did caused long term rates to go down and short term rates to go up. Where did the Fed get the money to buy the long term assets? They got it by creating money which, by definition, is short term money.

Short term rates would be even lower if the Fed didn't buy trillions of dollars of long term bonds and borrowing short term.

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