Trump and winning

I have been arguing that it doesn’t matter who gets the most popular votes just as it doesn’t matter which team scores the most runs. What counts is who got the most electoral votes and which team won the most games.

Now, it appears that a number of Republicans seem to disagree with me. Trump and others appear to be coming to the conclusion that whoever gets the most votes should win. Hillary would love that standard because Sanders can’t gain the lead in popular votes but will be far closer in delegates.

The key factor here, just as it was in 2000, is that playing by the rules isn’t what is important. Winning is what’s important. Trump wants to win so he wants the rules to be changed to make it easier for him to win. Cruz wants to win so he wants the rules to just be changed a little so that nobody but the top two contenders are allowed to win. Kasich is doing his thing too.

Bush and Gore wanted to win too. The ironic thing is that Gore lost because he didn’t do the right thing. He did the thing that he thought gave him the best chance of victory. He should have said that he wanted a state-wide recount because he wanted to make sure that every vote was counted properly

Trump is now arguing that it doesn’t matter how the delegates are determined because the nomination should be decided by who gets the most votes. If Trump has his way it means that Colorado doesn’t get any votes at all. It means that caucus states don’t really count because the turnout is so much less in a caucus than a primary. It means that closed primaries like New York don’t count as much as open primaries because few people are allowed to vote.

I really don’t understand how so many people get away with getting the rules changed after the game has begun. I know you want to win but isn’t playing fair worth anything?

Just like Mr. Trump? You

Just like Mr. Trump? You never call me.

They have the best start

They have the best start since 1907 when they won the World Series.

But have no fear, the heat of the summer will hurt the arms of their pitchers and they won't win this year either.

In terms of getting more

In terms of getting more wins, the Cubs are on fire!

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