Fuck You Osama

I can see the lights reaching up to heaven from where I am sitting

It is the closest some of us will ever get to heaven

not sure what either of you

not sure what either of you mean
hope w travels safe
and i will talk with pe tomorrow, or at least his vm

We probably could have

We probably could have prevented 9/11. Not blaming President Bush, but if we had President Gore instead he would have stopped it. Why we don't remember the disaster the Bush administration was in foreign and economic policies? President Trump would make the Bush administration look competent.
I would vote for Senator Clinton even if she is in a coma.

Years ago you gave to my

Years ago you gave to my favorite NPO a hundy because I made you swear

Why does the USA incite so much anger?
Why do we over react to everything and do exactly what Osama wanted us to do in response?
Why do all our enemies want Trump Elected?


or if you would rather support Kevin Drum than good music on the South Shore of the Greatest of the Great Lakes:
Mother Jones
Legacy Society
222 Sutter Street
6th Floor
SFO, CA 94108

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