An Open Letter to the CIA, FBI and the Russian FSB

With a blog post title like this we finally might get some traffic here
I just went to GoDaddy and and are either taken or for sale for very high prices. However was available for just 99¢.
Unless of course the price went up because I didn't snap it up and someone showed interest in the domain. I point this out just in case the web site admin was thinking of changing the name of this website.

So why did I mention the spy agencies?

Believe it or not, not to piss off W or get a flip answer from PE

This site could be sold to them for secure communication as no one ever reads what ever is here

Answers to your questions: A

Answers to your questions:
A snarky comment.
Oh Well

to late for? will the change

to late for?
will the change bring more readers?
thinking of saying something on fb that i will post most political comments and opinions there and keep FB for what is going on with me and the world

would there be any change to this address
or the email address
and what happens if you follow Gwen Ifill?

Too late from me.

Too late from me.

Changing the Drupal

Changing the Drupal interface. It's only 68 days away. DJT + 1.

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