ScottStreet Penthouse

Well it is official. After spending more than 14 years living either a block north of, or a block south of Scott Street I am finally moving there. I will have a one room apartment on the south side of Scott Street across from the First American Bank building where the M&I Bank is.

Interestingly enough, I officially move in the first day the Scott Street Steak and Pub will be closed forever.

My address will remain the same-PO Box 6095, Wausau, WI 54402

With much more spare time on my hand I should be able to contribte more to this site


Hope all will go well there

Have you been to Scottstreet recently? is forwarded to this site.

So People do look at this site


How did you find this page

Peter warned me

My brother Peter who runs this web site warned me about giving out my address. I googled the address and found this link and found a post from my next door neighbor here on third street who is also moving to the Landmark.

Jim how did you find it?

Neighbors, again

From next door neighbors to 'elevator' neighbors, welcome to the neighborhood. A shame we can't stumble home from the Pub. Our commute from Intermission just increased...


If anyone came to this site

It is possible your identity could be stolen listing your address here. Alas, no one reads this page. But who knows that may change.

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