Nuclear power

Let's try to argue on this site with our wild assumptions, poor grammar and most likely idiotic ideas about nukes.

No one seems to be concered

No one seems to be concered about NUCLEAR power any more.

Last time I check, nuclear power didn't destroy a significant portion of the Gulf of Mexico.

Of course, I hope that I will want geothermal power to be the power of the future.

Intrade has some interesting

Intrade has some interesting global warming markets.

Will any year from 2010 through 2014 be one of the five warmest in history?

Will 2019 be more than 0.2C warmer than 2009?

Seems to me that nuclear power is the best solution over the short to intermediate term.

Rob: What do you think we should do to reduce the affects of global warming?

This is the website that seems very good to me. Jeff Masters specialty seems to be tropical storms. I learned a lot about Katrina and Ike by reading his blog. There are probably better global warming sites but this site also talks about global warming too.

What don't you

What don't you understand?

Florida and Texas, two big states had very cold February's. New York, Philadelphia and Washington had record snowfalls.

Does it really matter that Canada, which is bigger than Florida or Texas, had the warmest February in history? Does it really matter that the southern hemisphere had one of the warmest February's in history?

After all, when you watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh, it is obvious that a single snowstorm disproves tons of scientific data.

So who are you going to believe? A bunch of entertainers like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh or are you going to believe facts.

What web site?

What web site?

How can anyone take whecht

How can anyone take whecht seriously?

You are what's known as a "low information voter".

How can anyone take global

How can anyone take global warming seriously?

This is from a website that I trust.

"Globe has 2nd or 6th warmest February on record"

How can anyone be serious when they don't even know if WE had the 2nd warmest or the 6th warmest? If these guys (or girls) don't even know simple math then how can we trust them on complicated stuff.

Canada and Alaska had very close to record warm temperaturs. While Texas had the 5th coldest February in the last 115 years. And Texas is so big that if we were cold then the rest of the world doesn't really matter.

Of course, it is 68 in Teaneck right now and only 66 in Houston. Go figure.

Talking with the people at

Talking with the people at work who actually understand power costs

Coal is far cheaper than gas which is far cheaper than oil which is far cheaper than wind and solar.

except that wind and solar get massive tax breaks.

I don't know what the cost of nuclear is. Howerver, I do know that no one knows the cost of nuclear because the real costs of liability insurance and other things are impossible to quantify for a single power plant.

I have found this site:

I have found this site: that explains some conversions but not the cost of energy.



Does anyone know what it costs to produce a baseline megawatt hour of electricity using hydro, nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind or solar?

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