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I feel sorry for NC State Wolfpack team

I feel bad for the field goal kicker as well. What a loss!


"Elliott locates the rope for the first time, as he gets a sweep very fine to the fine leg boundary. And Anderson gets in on the act too, muscling the ball down the ground to long-off, where Dinesh Chandimal can't take a tricky catching opportunity and succeeds only in palming the ball over the rope for six."
Cricket World Cup

I don't understand cricket.

Way to go Terrance Knighton!

Awesome sack!

I will lose

Curling finals in Green Bay, WI

Here is the live feed for the next:43 minutes and counting:

Hey. So, I'm watching the woman's curling final on NBCSP and I see Cellcom is sponsoring it! Talk about awesome product placement! Maybe I'll get a Cellcom phone.

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