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BTW and ADO and most importantly

Sooner than later, we are going to make it "very much better"

Not mobile friendly according to google

It looks like it will take some work to get this site mobile ready. Even when switched to a mobile friendly theme, this site still fails. I hope you all are ready for an even more exclusive site!

Read the comments

This is about I guess getting satellite internet is still not the easy or fast.

Hechtmail is safe


Don't use the same password as with other sites. This site uses drupal 6, not 7. So it isn't affected by the security flaw mentioned by Rob.

Now the other sites and do use Drupal 7 and will be updated to Joomla.


Heartbleed sites -- IS VULNERABLE.
All Credit Unions I have tested seem to be OK.

If you want to test a server go to:

Redstate and this failed blog agree! Defeat SOPA! I don't always agree with Redstate but when I do, I want to re-post their fair post. Will they do the same? Probably not.

Or maybe this failed blog has nothing to post!

Failed blog post number ... who cares! Colbert says we are all going to jail!

Sopa is good.

I hope I get a gentle cell mate.

Danny Goldberg is naive.

Web tracking, infecting and anonymous tools is a web site that certainly should be looked at. I found the most interesting to be the attempt to make one anonymous on the web. You don't want a web master to know that you are coming from DHS. Of course, this web site? The web master doesn't care. At least somebody came to visit!

Tell Congress about how you don't want PIPA, even if you don't understand WTF PIPA is!

Plays the same video wswordsman posted below. It will ask you to enter address than it will send a letter to your congress people about opposing this.

The main issue to me is the making web addresses less secure. If this bill passes it could be the end of this failed blog!

Get involved, this is not a drill!

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