To have a place on the web for the family.

Happy birthday

We love you GUAM


I just authorized to get an SSL cert. This site will be much less insecure.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to Erin ??? Hecht

Fusion table

A list of verbs:
"S" means singular, The number relates to first, second and, third person.

Not giving up

Just saying, give Costa Rica a chance.



Happy Birthday

We all love you April

Imagine turning 22 on your birthday

The answer is no ROB!

No, nobody uses this site.

Goodbye and good luck

We all love you

We all wish you well

We all hope to see you sometime both here and there

If Hechtmail is dead?

can we set up some kind of redirect
so those that use this email address
will still get trough to us?

I heard a great joke

I am currently drinking a cherry coke and someone told me a joke

I guy walks into Hy and Harry's and asks for a chocolate Seven Up

And the guy gives him a Cherry Cola!

I haven't laughed this hard in years

can anyone get me this article?

Of course I am not trying to circumnavigate their firewall, just get some of the quotes in this article in context

thanks in advance

Running a web site sucks

I can't get to my emails. Waiting on tech support.

The founder's birthday

Happy birthday Peter.

I never realized your birthday was so close to the founder of North Korea.

Grandma May Hecht

Would have been 125 years old today.

Windows 10 keylogger: How to stop Microsoft from tracking everything you type

First the keylogger, and now this?!

Thanks Trump!


Mary-Ann Russon, International Business Times

There's been heaps of controversy associated with Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 10 since it was launched, but the latest issue takes the cake – apparently Windows has been quietly logging every single keystroke users make on their keyboards from the beginning. Even better, that data is being constantly sent to Microsoft's servers on a regular basis.

We're not sure why on earth Microsoft would want users' keystrokes, as this data is only really useful to cybercriminals seeking to crack passwords to steal sensitive data, and IBTimes UK has asked the computing giant to clarify, but in the meantime, it is possible to solve this problem.

Here's advice on how to turn off the Windows 10 keylogger:

Concerned about privacy? Then always say no.

Happy anniversary

To Lisa and Brian

Happy anniversary

To Lisa and Brian

DOW 30k?

so where is the top?
where is the bottom? and when?

Welcome Back

It is still here


anyone home?

Today IS the ONE HUNDREDTH anniversary

I know I am the only one who cares

But we did severe relations with Germany 100 years ago

Barstool Rundown

Such as bad show, I can't stop watching.

Happy birthday

We all hope you have a wonderful birthday

This ain't no facebook

One has to search the site, find the words "this time is different". Then copy and paste the link.

Everyday is different. This time is always different.

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