Let me tell you Mr. Trump you are a bully and if I wasn't a Republican already, I would change parties to the GOP to vote and caucus against you.

Your crowd cheers "U.S.A" and "Trump", until they disagree with you.

It would be interesting if

It would be interesting if Cruz is elected and he appoints 2 Justices to replace Scalia and a liberal. I think we would probably have 5 votes to outlaw abortion.

It would also be interesting to see how Cruz would keep 99% of Obamacare and claim that he destroyed it.

Personally, I would rather avoid such an interesting world.

AM is correct. I was one of

AM is correct. I was one of those 81% of Democrats who voted in the NH primary where electability is the most important thing. I voted for Hillary.
It's the Supreme Court, stupid!
With Scalia's passing, the Senate will refuse to confirm any nominee that Obama proposes, no matter who it is. The Republicans are obstructionists who do not believe in the Constitution. They refuse to compromise. Hillary is the only Democrat that stands a reasonable chance of winning in November. If Sanders is the nominee, I fear that Bloomberg will run and spend a billion dollars and split the progressive vote. Let's not make that tremendous mistake.
It's the Supreme Court, stupid!

Trump won't win. He has no

Trump won't win. He has no real campaign structure. It is far more important to beat any Republican. It's the Supreme Court Stupid. One fact and one story. 81% of Demecratic voters in yesterday's NH Primary that said that there most important issue was electability voted for Clinton. One story, as I AM sure W will tell you is my agumentative style is not being right or wrong, or even arguing, but often interperted as upseting who I AM arguing with. With that bing said I was arguing with a retired hippie about how we can't support Sanders even if you agree with him 100% because he is unelectable. His response, in AM style is first off you are wrong. But he went on and said let's assume you are right and Sanders does loose and we have Cruz elected, and he does appoint three far right Supreme Court Justices. The blowback will make a landslide for Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

Yes that is the only way Warren might win in 2020, but it will be after 2050 before those three justices will start to die off or retire.

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