Couldnt figure out how to find and post the link to todays CSMonitor cartoon, but it had two men fishing in a small boat. The guy with a fishing rod out the front of the boat says "I left the frornt door open." The guy out the back of the boat with his fishing line looking like it just snagged something is saying "I'm closing it right now." The little fishing boat is in front of a partially submerged sign that says Iowa.

Normally I would find something like this mildly bittersweet amusing, but the news is not what is sad or funny. The comments on the Iowa floods boy the only Hecht boy to have ever lived there for more than a few days visits. He may well be the most numerate one.

That is why the brother that 30 years ago started taking course in hydrology cant understand why the numerate one is shocked that if the Iowa and or Cedar river are in a hundred year flood plane, for sake of argument, cant either have two hundred year floods back to back and even have one set a record height.

Is he shocked that someone who is more mathmatically challanged than I am seems to win the powerball every time?