To have a place on the web for the family.

Tropical storm Lisa

Andrew has been retired
I don't know about April (probably month names like May and June are not eligible)
Neil is not on the list so we need to retire an N name for Neil to have a chance
Bill is retired, I think
Peter is so far down the list that it rarely comes up

I wonder how Lisa will do
The next chance is 2022

Take a Look At This Map

crate yours is you think I am wrong
But this can easily happen

Fuck You Osama

I can see the lights reaching up to heaven from where I am sitting

It is the closest some of us will ever get to heaven


Happy birthday
We all love you

I know I'm a few hours early

John Mclaughlin died today

The Mcglochlin group was such a great show 30 years ago

I would have missed him if he died then

He became a windbag and gave Pat Buchanan a place to speak

Pat might not be a Nazi but he defended every Nazi he could

Happy Birthday

Just in case you missed it on your Facebook

Wishing you happy BD here as well

Will try to call in a few minutes
Much Love my favorite Nephew


Happy birthday

You caused your mom a ton of pain for about 15 minutes

Call her and tell her you love her

I think you are great person

Thanks for being you

Podcast Recommendation

Two former Obama aids talk about what a campaign sees going on in the campaign and how it will change going forward. Plus a lot of jokes at Trumps expense.

You should all be listening to it, at least the people I am related to.

Summer time

Law and Order

"There can be no prosperity without law and order." Is an Orwellian statement. We have law and order now. What he really means by "law and order" is code for making America white again. That is not going to happen. Somehow many people think that prosperity is what we had back in the day. I would not call losing seven hundred thousand jobs a month (President Bush's last few months) prosperity. We might not all have a private jet but making more "law and order" will not give us one either.

Make America lose 750,000 jobs per month again

I think that should be Trump's slogan.

W we love a ya hbd

this family blog is missing something without your posts
hope you have a happy bday


Alice would be 87 today

We love you and we miss you

Independence Day

Independence Day

Four years ago to almost the day, thanks Bruce!

A hummer that no one would like to receive...

"Security researchers at Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab believe they could have discovered one of the largest trojan families of all time, affecting millions of Android devices around the world when it was in full swing. The mobile phone trojan family, known as "Hummer," gained traction in early 2016 when it was infecting "nearly 1.4 million devices daily at its peak," according to Cheetah Mobile. Hummer is thought to have originated in China relative to underground industry there, based on an email address linked to the domains used, and it saw 63,000 daily infections in China alone. If the numbers are accurate, the Hummer trojan family could be one of the biggest ever."

(HP says to never click on links in emails. What about clicking on links at

Nest to brick Revolv smart hubs on Sunday, and there's nothing owners can do about it

The last line says it all..."If there's anything that's going to put a damper on people buying home automation devices, it's the fear that their purchases will be bricked remotely at the whim of a big, faceless multibillion-dollar corporation."

by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDNet...

If you own a Revolv smart hub, then Sunday is the day that Nest will pull the plug on it, and you can kiss your $300 gadget goodbye.

This Sunday sees Nest, a home automation firm owned by Google's holding company Alphabet, pull the plug on smart hubs from Revolv, a firm it acquired in October 2014, effectively bricking these devices for their owners.

From that point on the app will no longer work, and the device will be dead.

Now you might think that this is no big deal, but it's a pretty big deal to anyone who was suckered in by the promise of a "lifetime subscription" to the service.

I guess it's come to the end of its life.

Workin' at the trump white house blues

Now I got them steadily depressing voting for Donald Trump blues...

More to come!

Birth right

Sorry People are Irrational and therefore it is illogical to think that people will act logically

I believe the largest contributor to this site will not just disagree with my title
but disagree with this article that basically says the same thing:

be scared, very very scared!

another contributor to this site believes that anyone that comes here will be the victim of ransomware
that is scary, but Trump being president is more so

Cool To have a place on the web for the family...


New "feature" coming to hechtmail soon!

Out-of-date Web app on causes site to attack its visitors. (SOUND FAMILIAR? IT SHOULD!)

The website belonging to Maisto International, a popular maker of remote-controlled toy vehicles, has been caught pushing ransomware that holds visitors' files hostage until they pay a hefty fee.

The website infection bears similarities to an attack targeting sites running Microsoft's IIS Web server platform that Palo Alto Networks disclosed last month.

The attacks come a month after advertisements delivered on some of the Internet's most visited websites were found delivering Angler exploits pushing ransomware. These regularly occurring attacks are a potent reminder that people can be infected even when they visit websites they know and trust.


Do math majors in college graduate with a degree or with a radian?

My kid asked for a Pb and Jam sandwich in his lunch tomorrow. How much lead is appropriate for a 10 year old boy to consume?

If I flip a coin 1,000,000 times, what are the odds of me wasting my time?

Is Black Lives Matter similar to dark matter?

If parallel universes exist, is there a parallel universe in which parallel universes don't exist? (One for the philosophers out there...)

How did humans evolve to fit so perfectly into clothing?

If particles do not exist unless observed, why can't I close my eyes and walk through walls?

How many milligrams are in a telegram?

The Solar System has five Dwarf planets, but why doesn't it have any Elf or Orc planets?

Why can't I weigh the earth by putting a scale upside-down? (Actually, you can! Sort of.)

If you guys knew how much this site is a TOTAL minefield of insecurity...if only you knew...

I am posting this from the public library to protect my family - and yet I still feel unclean.

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