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a quick course on probability

What does my brother have in common with Han Solo?

Logic is no match for science

I am sure this helps support what you already believe.

Just sayin'...

POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.
.....Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

Clinton email

If Sec. Clinton had no confidential information on her server, where was confidential information shared? fax machines?


We made it to Iceland and we're in the hotel everything is OK tell g we made it to Iceland and we're in the hotel everything is OK tell DAD

Happy Labor Day

take a listen to the true meaning of today!


Some of us won't understand this post at all because we lack a common frame of reference.

I took a photo of "YOU WIN!" 4096. I just wish I could remember how to post photos.

I ended with 59924.

For me, I think I did great. But I am sure that other people have done far better than that.

Dottie Alford

I just got an email from Crystal Lake about the alumni weekend over Columbus Day.

This year, we will also be having a memorial service in honor of Dottie Alford, who passed away Saturday, July 18, 2015 in Chestnut Hill , Mass. If you can’t come for the whole weekend, please consider joining us for the Saturday afternoon service or emailing remembrances to

I really miss her.

Sometimes Republicans are right and Democrats are wrong

Or maybe: I am just far more conservative than the average Democrat

"The proposal for the $998 million stadium would have the state and city picking up almost 40 percent of the cost, $388 million, through bonding, tax credits and other incentives, according to a July 14 document from the Missouri Development Finance Board."

Basically, the Democratic Governor of Missouri and the Democratic Mayor of St Louis want to take $388 million from the taxpayers and give it to one of the richest people in the country.

Let the Rams go back to LA. The people of St Louis will be better off with the extra $388 million than having the Rams. On top of that, the people in the rest of the country will also be better off if we all quit paying ransom to these ultra-rich team owners who have virtually no loyalty to their communities.

Talking Points Memo readers are fairly far left

A non random poll of their viewers

Sanders 41%
Clinton 32% (including me)
Not Sure 11%
Not a Democrat 10%
Biden 5%
O'Malley 1%

That seems to me to be left of the Democratic party.
I suppose most blogs are either far to the right or far to the left.

John Ellis Bush Bush and Carly Fiorina

You heard it here fist

Happy Birthday April

I doubt you ever read this blog. But we all love you.

Market predictions

The stock market will go up today and then go down after close of business today.

How do I know this?

I bought some stock as of today's close. Since my record of predictions is not very good then you should be able to do the opposite and make money.

After all, everyone is wrong about the future of financial markets. It is just hard to figure out what "everyone" thinks and even harder to act against your own better judgment

40 years this week

Amazing how quickly 40 years can pass.

I never really paid too much attention to Born to Run but I remember when it came out.

Then in 1978 I went to school with Bruce Springsteen and he stared in the Coe musical, "Company"

Too bad I didn't save a program.

I wonder where Bruce is today. It is impossible to Google him and he never graduated from Coe.

Buy Oil

Oil is now at $40.97

People are predicting it will fall to the low $30's. It seems the overwhelming consensus.

As you know, in money markets, the overwhelming consensus has to be wrong.

My only doubt is my ability to recognize ans overwhelming consensus. Yes, I am hedging. I think, but I am not sure, that the world is pretty sure oil will continue to drop.

BTW, so far I have been wrong. Oil is now down to $40.92.


Uggie was put to sleep 2/14/2002 - 8/7/2015. May dogs one day rule the world.

HechtMail #1 hit on Bing for Wander Burst and Windows 10

so a few times a day i go surfing for how to remove this from my computer
Typing in Wander Burst gets me all kinds of info on how to remove it from previous versions of Windows, but not Windos 10. Just now I typed in Wander Burst Windows 10
and my web results listed the previous post as the # 1 response.

So am I the only one in the world that has this problem

All I really did was download DoNotSpy which I have since removed

Every time I go into remove the Wander Burst add on in FireFox it not only doesn't remove it, though it says it has, but I have to click settings options, addons, remove again and it doesn't

Maybe if someone comes up with an answer to this
This web site might get more hits

wander burst ads and how do you remove them from Windows 10

I am ready to give up and go to Mac

This is really bothersome

Governor Walker and the San Diego Chargers

San Diego has put a plan together to bribe the Chargers to stay in San Diego. It seems like it includes at least $350 million in public money; my guess is a lot more than that. (BTW, is the semicolon the right thing to split the previous sentence?)

Anyway, it looks like Walker wants to commit at least $400 million to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee.

It is amazing that a significant majority of the people in this country are happy to have huge subsidies to get major teams to move or stay in the area.

Y'all know better than I do what the impact of the Packers on Green Bay is. Sure they get a lot of people for 8 weekends a year, more in playoff years, but is it worth it? Of course, Green Bay is different because it is hard to say to the City that the Packers are ready to move to LA if they don't get an extra $400 million from the state, city and county.

I can't imagine too many people really think that they would rather go to Cleveland than LA because they can see the Browns stadium. Of course, some people will fly to the city to go to a game but the people who go to the game are capped at 80,000 a week and most of them live in Cleveland anyway.

Houston 100+

It is a pity I still don't live in Houston.

High temp from Thursday through the following Friday are all over 100. For a while, the high was forecast to be 104 for 7 days in a row.


1948 penny

Found one! Wow!

Talking Points Memo Premium and paywalls

So I am scanning news headlines today and see two interesting stories both at the problem is that both are available only to "Prime" members. Since when did they set up a firewall and if all of the good stuff is behind it does anyone go to the free site?

I am going to continue to do so because you can read the stuff elsewhere.

One article was about Scott Walker with a pic taken when he was in New Hamshire and he gets a pic taken of him with two young people holding a sign that is a check for $900 Million made out to Walker signed by the Koch Brothers that has "Presidency" in the lower left hand corner memo. I found this out at MSN.Com because I googled "Walker New Hapshire and Check."

While there at the Talking Points site I found another article I would have read that Hacktivists Hacked into Donald Trump's Web Site and ran a tribute to Jon Stewart there. I found this out by googling "Stewart Donald Trump Web Site" and read all about it at the WashingtonPost.Com

If I had unlimited time and money I might give Talking Points $50 a year because I beleive in Journalism. But there is such an easy work around, why?

Happy Birthday Jerry G!

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