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For you Rob

Evidently this guy Chris Kluwe used to play for the Vikings. The letter below might be why he is now a free agent.


Rob, do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

New plan: Impeachment

If the House doesn't raise the debt limit, they will have reason to impeach the President. If he pays our bills, he is breaking the law. If he doesn't, he is violating the 14th amendment.

Of course I would prefer it if he paid our bills. Either way, Biden would be set in 2016.

If we had fifty states with the same population

States with equal population.

This is a cool map. The site http://fakeisthenewreal.org seems pretty cool as well. It is run by some guy named NEIL, so how can it not be.

I saw this on Nate Silver's blog.

What do you think of the fiscal cliff?

http://is.gd/10QK4b kind of makes it look like next year won't be so bad?

Endorsing President Obama

This blog officially supports President Obama. The question is who broke the economy in the first place, not who has taken more than 4 years to fix it!

New GOP slogan

I'm suggesting this be the Republic's motto:

"Republicans: Successfully stopping things from getting better since 2000!"

What Obama should have said

What Obama should have said is:

I'm sorry I'm a little unprepared. I prepared for what you said during the debates, not the person who showed up today."

WI Senate race

Baldwin might win!?! http://is.gd/xTIDQ8

I'm fired up!

Obama in 2012!

Petraeus as the next VP?


Mentions Petraeus as a possible Vice Presidential candidate for Romney.

It would be better than Romney in my opinion. He should do it. The CIA will live with out him.

Happy birthday Mr. President

Barry is 51!

Health Care Affordability Act will be struck down tomorrow

I predict tomorrow the SCOTUS will strike down the entire health care law.

Campaigning when black

When people say "no one has been re-elected with high unemployment", do they forget no one had been elected when campaigning while black? Until Obama.

Walker might not win!

Huey Long was impeached on this day

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huey_P._Long#Impeachment_attempt I know the one person who cares about numbers also thinks of Gov. Long as a hero.

I agree with Redstate.com again!

I got this from my Twitter feed. http://is.gd/TQsBTf The caucus process reflects something else than one person, one vote. While it does allow people to discuss the election, the non-binding aspect makes it more a party tool than a representation of the people.

President Obama is in the White House because of them.

Live webcam of Walker recall

http://mirrors.5nines.com/stream/ If you want a boring webcam, this is for you!

Two hundred thirty eight years ago

The real Tea Party started on December 16th, 1773. America was founded on people not wanting to pay taxes to the British. Now Two hundred thirty eight years later it seems we don't want to pay the U.S.A.


Failed blog post number ... who cares! Colbert says we are all going to jail!

Sopa is good.

I hope I get a gentle cell mate.

Danny Goldberg is naive.

This is a good holiday gift!

Yes, this is a holiday gift! https://donate.barackobama.com/page/contribute/o2012-cup-of-joe

What holiday? The fact our country is still functioning!!

Occupy this URL

This is a neat URL: http://occupytheurl.com/ You simply type in the url you want to occupy. It superimposes a nice graphic.

Such as this: http://occupytheurl.com/?url=hechtmail.com

For RG: Here is something to keep you hot for Bachmann.

He loves Michele like a Christian hates Obama. http://youtu.be/e9bvreW08X0 This clip is a greatest hits of his secret desire.

Australia could be the canary in the coal mine.

This article might be totally made of hot air. Minor changes to our climate will really stress the ability of people to survive.


Nixon, the music lover

"In the royalty of American music, no man swings more, or stands higher, than the Duke," declared Nixon. See:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15036571

After a rough day, reading this really cheered me up

http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2011/09/27/obama-poll-democrats-2012/ "It may be that Barack Obama will do to the Democratic Party what no one, not even Ronald Reagan, could achieve–which is to bring it to its knees." They stole a different quote from the National Journal.

It has taken five minutes to post this entry, ROB!

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