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This ain't no facebook


One has to search the site, find the words "this time is different". Then copy and paste the link.

Everyday is different. This time is always different.

Found 33 Indian Rd, New York


33 Indian Rd is where I never lived.

Even the losers get lucky sometimes

THe Battle of Marks' Mills happened today back in 1864. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Marks%27_Mills

The fact that the Union army was so soundly defeated so late in the war is astonishing to me.

The King is dead, long live the King!

So today back in 1760 King George II died and brought on the reign of George III. G2 was the last king to lead forces in battle.

Two hundred thirty eight years ago

The real Tea Party started on December 16th, 1773. America was founded on people not wanting to pay taxes to the British. Now Two hundred thirty eight years later it seems we don't want to pay the U.S.A.


Rudders seem crucial to the sinking of the Bismark in 1941

It was clearly the rudder that caused the Bismark's failure. If it could of reached better air support from the French coast, things might have been different. This Criticisms doesn't mention that part of the design. Yet it mentions this on the evening of May 26:
At 19:25 that evening, in atrocious weather conditions, Ark Royal launched its Fairey Swordfish for another attack. The first wave mistakenly targeted the Sheffield that was by now shadowing the quarry. Although precious time was lost by this incident, it proved beneficial to the British in that the magnetic detonators on the torpedoes used against Sheffield were seen to be defective, and for the following attack on Bismarck were replaced by contact detonators. In a final attack, almost in darkness at 21:05, a hit by a single torpedo from a Swordfish of 818 NAS (piloted by Sub-Lieutenant John Moffat) jammed Bismarck's rudder and steering gear.[46] This rendered Bismarck virtually unmanoeuvrable, increased her list to port and left her able to steam only in a large circle in the general direction of King George V and Rodney, two frontline battleships that had been in pursuit from the west. After extensive and unsuccessful efforts to free the jammed rudders, the fleet command finally acknowledged their, by now, impossible position in several messages to naval headquarters. L├╝tjens sent one last defiant message: "Ship unmanoeuvrable. We fight to our last shell. Long live the Fuhrer".

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